Thursday, January 21, 2010

Back with a Vengence!

So I have neglected my blogger it seems. Well let me see what I can do to remedy that situation.

How about a little Vix update?

The past few months have been a slightly rocky road for me, as far as computers are concerned. I lost my hard drive to a nasty little visitor, followed by another one soon after it was up and running. I am now blessed, thanks HUGELY to my Dad, with a brand new working laptop!

I am enjoying my time with my family, and being a "house wife" at the moment. It's all very fresh to me, but I am getting used to it. I did a little traveling, some more writing, and have been busily preparing some family matters.

Unfortunately, because of the epic computer fail, I have lost all my photos that I wanted to share with you. Including some fond memories of one Johnny Depp. However, I did manage to make my scrap book prior to the crash! So that's a bonus!

I have missed my blogging friends, so I hope you are all doing well!

Just a little FYI ... if you ever need me, I can always be found on twitter.

Love you guys!