Monday, January 26, 2009

Movies about John Dillinger

So one day I sat down, and took a look at all the movies made about John Dillinger. I thought you might like to see some as well. There have been several movies filmed about the man throughout the years....

Here are just a few to share with you!


**This next video contains strong violence**

You can view the entire 1973 Dillinger movie on you tube. It's just in several different parts. This was just a glimpse ;)

1991 DILLINGER (Sorry, I couldn't find one without subtitles)

And finally...THE LADY IN RED

** Here is a link to that video. I did not want to post the actual video on the blog. Be fore warned...contains nudity and violence **


-Sir Jack said...

Thanks for those videos Vix!

Interesting to see how each is a little different from each other. One thing that REALLY stands out for me was that even though they are period films, the production of each is sooo dated. I loved the voice-overs, they really cracked me up!!!

Blaznfire911 said...

You should see the whole movie Jack...quite interesting.

I even found a 4 minute post death video shot of Bonnie and's their actual bodies and stuff..right after they died. Even has the snoke rising from the car still.

Kinda morbid, but it really puts you in the moment.

Lawgirl said...

Those are cool. I remember when Mark Harmon was filming the TV movie in Milwaukee in the 90's. I watched some of the filming. Johnny's ex Sherilyn Fenn is in it as well. The Dillinger in the 1973 version looks a lot like the real Dillinger based on the pictures I have seen of him. Johnny really doesn't look like Dillinger. He's too good looking.

Blaznfire911 said...

LOL lawgirl...I was thinking the same thing.

The 1973 version with Warren Oats...he looks just like Dillinger in the scene when he is being taken to jail. It's an uncanny resemblance!