Saturday, June 28, 2008

My last 2 days with Public Enemies!

This is going to be the longest blog ever written LOL....I have 2 days of stuff to write we go!


What started off as sheer glee at the thought of meeting some AMAZING actors, has turned into something I never imagined. I have found life long friends, gone on some wonderful road trips, and of course had several meetings with one Mr. Johnny Depp. I stepped back to look at earlier this year, when I tried out for Public Enemies as an extra. It seems like it was only yesterday, and now it is over. The past few days has left me with many mixed emotions. I never thought I would ever get the chance to be involved in something so special. From meeting new friends, to talking to people in Chile, to hugging my all time hero. I say hero, because that is what he is to me. Johnny Depp has brought people together in an amazing way. Not only has he shared his time with us, but he gave us a reason to smile again when some of our lives were in shambles. I would have never guessed that I would be sitting at the Kurth in Columbus, or standing in line for a glimpse of a movie star, or even leaving at 11pm at night to drive 3 hours south just to be a part of history. This experience has changed my life forever, and I will be forever grateful to Johnny, Michael Mann, Public Enemies, and my new friends.

Some people call this the "Depp Effect", and this is what that means to me. Johnny Depp has a way of reaching people, whether they know it or not. Last night when I was in Lockport, IL. I finally found that "connection" that people talk about. Even though, I never got to pose for a photo with him, I am very happy. There was a moment last night, that I felt was reserved just for me. It may have only lasted a minute, but it seemed like an eternity, and it will last forever. Whether Johnny knows it or not, he has been an inspiration to so many people. The children just adore him, and he seems to enjoy speaking with them. Simply put....he is a wonderful man. I admire his strong family values, and I think that is the part of him I admire the most. He just makes you feel special when you meet him, and he has a calming effect on people. He took his time, and was gracious to everyone, each time he has come out to the crowd. For that, I thank him.

DAY ONE - Thursday 6/26/08 - St. Anne, IL

Although I had decided previously not to try to see anymore filming, I was persuaded to go by the enthusiasm of my friends. I met Shakes, Osh, Evan, and Dawn up in Beloit around 11am. Osh drove us through some pretty heavy traffic, down to Chicago. We had no idea where they were filming since it was all up in the air. We got a call half way down from a good friend who informed us that filming was to take place today in St. Anne, Il about 1 1/2 hours south of Chicago. Since we were already near Chicago, we decided to keep on going. After being demoted from front seat navigator ( I don't do maps), we finally reached our destination. The basecamp was in the high school parking lot, and it was the largest basecamp by far. A couple of the crew were grilling ribs on a BBQ behind the highschool, and let me tell smelled good! I wished I would have been smart, and ate before I went. The aroma was making me drool. Tiffany, Marcella, and Becky met us down at basecamp a little later in the night. Each of them had driven separate, and I was glad that they had made it down safely. It's not easy to navigate your way around in that area. We saw people coming, and going, then coming again. Filming was taking place just down the street at an old farmhouse, but we could not see anything. We had great fun as we watched the crowd grow into over 1000 plus people. It was more than the towns whole population!! (1300)

I saw Stephen Dorf, and maybe Johnny as well, drive in a little after 9pm. People just started screaming, so I am guessing it was Johnny. I couldn't see. I was excited to see Stephen, myself. Jerry came out to asses the crowd, said that there would be no autographs or hugs, and stopped to talk to a little boy named Zackary. It was a very sweet moment. He also got a present from Shakes! He said "What's this?", and Shakes said " it's for you!". Jerry opened it, and smiled, then shouted "No bribes girls!" We chuckled at that. Next, he took a very special gift to Johnny from Osh and Evan. It was a book of photos for Mr. Depp. I snuck my thank you card inside before Jerry took it to Johnny. A few crew members went by taking pictures, then wardrobe, and even Chris Stolte drove by in his car. (Which I thought was kinda odd) Each time they went by, the crowd errupted in screams. Someone even started letting off fireworks nearby.

Johnny came out at 10:17, 5 minutes prior to my phenomonally accurate estimate! Right girls? He graciously shook hands with people, and smiled as he went down the line. When he got to me, the Depp Effect took me once more. He took my hand, and squeezed it as I said a very humbled "Thank you". He let go, then with in an instant, he grabbed my hand again. Whether he thought it was a different had, I don't know, but it was nice all the same. After Johnny made it down the line, he waved to the crowd from the car, and he was gone. I tried to pick up as much trash as I could get, until some unidentified liquid spilled on my shoes. Then I was done. Some of the crew thanked me for trying to pick up the mess, and told me where they would be tomorrow.

Here are some pics from St. Anne before we go onto Lockport:

A very sweet girl named Alyssa. A Johnny fan in the making perhaps?

The crowd gathers, and gathers, and gathers

Dawn shows us the letters her girls had written for Johnny

A little fun with Evan, Shakes, and Tiffany

Stephen Dorf arrives at basecamp after filming. It's the only shot I could get. Is that Johnny in the back seat? What happened to Jerry?

The wardrobe gang arrives! They wave hello to the crowd as they pass

Zackary and Jerry having their moment, followed by one happy kid! Jerry asked him about which pirate movies he liked the best, and then Zackary told Jerry his favorite line from Charlie and the Chocolate factory...."The earth says HELLO"

The crew drives by taking pictures of the crowd. Also, look who I caught grilling out ribs at basecamp

Minxie also got her moment with JD, just not in person

"i'm Baby Face Nelson's double!" The driver of the car jested.

And here is Mr. Depp!


After talking with Becky Thursday night, I decided to try and make one last final attempt at getting a picture with Johnny Depp. I also wanted to be there on the last day of filming in the area. It was a bittersweet day. I met up with Becky in OakCreek around 3:30pm, and waited for Tiffany. Becky, and her wonderful friends, decieded to head down while I waited. We were going to meet them at the Oasis, for something to eat. Tiffany and I set off in my mini around 4pm to meet them. Traffic was flowing well, despite me almost killing us 3 times. About 10 miles north of the Oasis, we ran into traffic. A HUGE accident. We got into the express lane, and bypassed all the traffic...and even Becky, who was stuck. We arrived a good 20 minutes earlier to the Oasis than they did because of that lane. After eating some food, we headed down. This time deciding NOT to take the express lane, and thank goodness we didn't. It was all backed up. It took us about 2 hours to get to Lockport, so all in all...not bad. We got there about 7pm. When we got there, we saw the filming straight away. it was not hard to miss. There were trucks just about everywhere, and old cars driving up and down the road. We had already missed filming outside of Mama Onessey's restaurant earlier in the day, and now they were shooting street scenes. Marcella, and her mom, were at basecamp at the highschool. It was great to see her again! We had been texting all day, and we felt relief when we were all safe and sound in Lockport. It is a really pretty city, with lots of old buildings. There was not too much of a crowd, so we decided to leave basecamp, and head to the filming. We saw lots of extras walking the streets, and old cars started circiling as soon as "action" was called. Reports were that Johnny was filming just beyond the hill. Also, there were reports that Christian Bale was seen around basecamp that morning. I thought he had wrapped, but maybe not. Giovvani WAS there, but I could not get a photo of him.

Once we had watched our fill, we headed back to basecamp. Peg met us there, and I also ran into a few of our fellow bloggers, and watchers. I was introduced to them as "The famous Vicky"! I had not realized how popular I was lol (Just kidding). It turns out that one of the ladies had emailed me last week about some photos I had posted that she was in. I cannot remember her name at the moment, but it was nice to meet her! I am glad we came back when we did, since basecamp was filling up quickly with more and more people. Around 8:20pm, Johnny arrived back at basecamp to the screams of all the little kids waiting to see him. AS we stood there, watching the magic of Public Enemies unfold, it was clear that all the cast and crew were in high spirits. Lots of celebrating, and photo taking. Jerry did his usual inspecting of the baracades, and stopped to talk to some cute little babies along the way. I never realized how much he loves children! He once again announced that there would be no autographs, but "take all the pictures you want!" He shouted.

While we were waiting, a couple of guys walked up to us. I had seen them so many times before, and always wondered who they were. They walked over to us, and handed this little girl a copy of today's script. She was ecstatic! (And so was her mother, it was really quite charming) I said "Hi, I've seen you before, haven't I?" (or something like that) He said "Hi, I'm Johnny's double/stand-in", and the other guy said, "And I am Christian Bale's!" (Which adds to the speculation that Bale was in fact there that day) We thanked them for coming out to meet us. They were both so nice to us, and posed for some photographs before heading home.

Johnny made his final debut around 10pm. He seemed to be in great spirits! He was laughing and joking with the crowd, taking his time, huggging/shaking hands, and talking to all the kids. A guy next to me said "where are your golf shoes?" (to go along with the hat he was wearing) Johnny laughed, and said something I could not hear. When he got to me, I finally had the moment I had been waiting for. I said "Thank you so much for all that you have done. I hope you have enjoyed your time in the midwest, and you've really meant a lot to everyone, especially the children. Thank you for doing this, love." (At least I think that's what I said...pretty sure) he grabbed my hand with both of his, and looked at me with such a thoughtful look, smiled, and said "thank you", and that was that. No photo with him, but I am ok with that. I have had so much over the past few months, that I am beside myself with gratitude.

The BEST part of the night, was when Johnny and Jerry jumped up on to the running board of the SUV, and waved to everyone. Then they DROVE OFF hanging onto the side of the car still waving. I don't know how far down the road they went like that since I lost sight of them once they turned the corner. I have NEVER seen Johnny do that before, and it was so touching! The crowd erupted in cheers, and applause as he drove away! WHAT AN AMAZING EXIT ON THE FINAL DAY!!! I have to admit, even I screamed "GOODBYE JOHNNY!" as he drove away. I have never screamed at him before, and I don't know why I did then. I was just so happy that he had done that for his fans!

I would have loved to have met some of the other actors, but we had a great GREAT time throughout this whole experience!

We came away from there last night with some VERY special moments, and memories!

Here's a look at the final day of on location filming. Next stop.....LA! GOOD LUCK JOHNNY, CAST, AND CREW....AND THANK YOU!!

Lights, camera, action.....go picture cars! Go extras!

Jerry has another special moment with some of the kids!

Johnny Depp's stand-in(right), and Christian Bale's stand-in(left)

And here's to the man who took his time to meet us all! THANKS!

Here is Johnny and Peg! I finally got one of you two together YIPEE!

Goodbye Mr. Depp! Thanks for everything! (best picture I could get)


dj said...

Hey Vicky!!

Thank you SO much for a wonderful story!!! I felt like I was right there with you. When I got to the part of Johnny on the sideboard waving goodbye, I got a little teary-eyed!! I am so happy for you and for everyone that got to be part of this adventure. It is so true that this whole thing has brought so many wonderful people together.

Thank you again Vicky--you're one awesome lady.


callie said...

Dear Vicky, My name is Maria and I live in Rhode Island. I found your blog on Rod's. I have loved everyones account of there meetings with Johnny. Yours that I read just know was fantastic. Jerry seems like such a sweet man. Those kids are adorable!! How lucky for you to all to have met Johnny. That is a dream of mine to someday meet him. I just want to say that the midwest has some great people. Thanks again

Blaznfire911 said...

Hi Callie! Thanks for stopping by! It has been a fun adventure for sure! Come back anytime hun!

Dj- I got a little teary eyed in teh car on the way home. Not full blown tears, just a bit of sadness. It seems like it has been the norm having Johnny here, and now he is gone. But we still had fun!


Osh said...


whosit1cassie said...

Hey Vicki!

Thanks for the play-by-play. Almost as good as being there myself...almost. Glad you had a GREAT time, and I will be patiently waiting for the rest of those pics!

I know how you feel about it being the norm to have all this buzz in the area. I'll be missing it too! Just because they left, doesn't mean our parties can't continue though!!

Rachel Judge said...

Can't wait to see the rest of your pics!

Johnny's body double is names Billy and he is such a great guy! I got a chance to meet him and take photos with him in Oskosh. He is so sweet!!

Hope to hear from you soon!


Kim Drury said...

Hey Vicky!
I loved your whole story. Sounds like you had the time of your life and living it through your words has been amazing. And I totally get what you are talking about. I hope Johnny knows the joy and happiness he brings to all of us. It's a worldwide club that we all seem to "understand" each other and just "get it".
Thank you so much for sharing with all of us and letting us feel like we were living it too. So sad the ride is over. Can't wait to see the rest of your pictures!


Jenny said...

Who was that cooking the ribs?

Cybermom said...

Awwwww Vicky,
this was wonderful! Great job sharing the past few days. I'm so glad we can go back and relive this whenever we want!

I had a blast with you all last night and am glad that I made that long haul!!!

We'll find some other adventures to go on....I just know it!
I'll get you those pics in a bit so you can share our "interesting" find!


ms_wonderland said...

Great read Vicky! It's going to be so quiet now PE has finished, with no meet and greets and photos to look forward to.

Jerry and the kiddies are so cute! He must be missing his own kids/grandkids(?) after such a long shoot. And Johnny's final exit sounds perfect!

Thanks for sharing all this.

Cybermom said...

Here's the video from last night when Johnny waves goodbye...I haven't had a chance to post pics on my blog yet but will get to it later tonight.


Blaznfire911 said...


I wasn't sure who was cooking the ribs exactly. I just know the crew was having fun. They told me that they had a cook come in to do them, and then on Friday they were going to have lobster!

Kim- Thanks! I am glad to know there are other people out there that share our sense of JD!

Peg- You just crack me up! I'll take a look at the video when I get back from the Comedy club!

Tamara said...

Hi Vicky!
At Last you upload the pictures!
really I'm so happy that you have the opportunity to see Johnny five times
that is a record! :p

I was touched to read what a lot beam writing
I imagine the emotion to be felt remain at the forefront of someone like Johnny, especially if you're a big fan!

Jerry is so sweet!
he makes me remeber to my grandfather, I love the pictures with the babies!, really if someday I have the opportunity to meet with Johnny, I would like meet Jerry too!, he is the best bodyguard!

Johnny, OMG!
he is the best man of this world
I never seen that someone famous be given time to meet their fans, although this raining and snowing, he is so amazing, human, charity,
everything a human being should!
I know that for Chicago and all people which has had the opportunity to meet Johnny, has been a unique experience and that never forget, Johnny is a real angel!

Johnny thanks for all the best moment that you gave for these amazing persons!

Vicky, I know what happened
Jerry didn't let that people ask autographs, it is sad :(
but never mind...
I hope that someday Johnny comes to south america or Chile, it would be wonderful

Greetings for you
and all people that read your blog
thanks a lot Dear!


Suz said...

Awwww, this is an awesome account of what happened. (Didn't seem long at all)!! I'm feeling a bit teary after this too. :( Johnny Depp's kindness is boundless. What a wonderful soul.

Thank you for sharing.

Rachel Judge said...


I love reading your posts and I finally checked out your site. I'm going to try to spend some more time on it to brush up on my espanol. I hope that someday you get to meet Johnny and hopefully your new amigas in Los Estados Unidos.

Buenas noches,

Rachel Judge :)

shakenbsis said...

Hey Vicky!
Awesome blog chica! = ) Very nice write up, I'm with Suz, didn't seem long at all...

are you all speaking spanish over there (fotolog) or is it portuguese? Seems like spanish to me but not quite. Or maybe it is a lot of slang and shortened words like we do here...
I guess most of my experience with written Spanish has been pretty formal...may be why it looks a little strange to me.
Whatever it is, no matter! = )
It is so much fun getting to know you!

Blaznfire911 said...

Tamara- Sorry I didn't get a chance to email you yet. I couldn't get you an autograph, but I did try. No luck. Thanks for your wonderful message. He will be missed around here for sure!

Shakes - Tamara told me it is Spanish that they are speaking.

Thanks you guys for visiting my blog, and saying such nice things!


Tamara said...

Hi Rachel!
thanks for read my site
I hope that you like it and that you could understand some word, LOL!

Yeah Shaken!
I speak Spanish :P
and I use a lot of slang and shortened words, sorry if you don't understand the words that I write or in the time when you translate it you don't understand some words!

Vicky, Don't worry hun!
I know that you made a great effort for get it and thank you for that!
I can't believe that Johnny is gone of Chicago, I'm not of this country but I feel sad for that
I'll miss see new pictures of him :(



Anonymous said...

I remember seeing the kid in the skull shirt near the entrance of the school. I was the driver in the green stakebed truck going to and from the set.I'm glad you guys had a good time and the weather held for the day.

~Minxie~ said...

Vicky what an amazing blog love! And NO it wasnt too long at all!!!!

Love the pics and hearing all the excitement in your voice!!! I am sooo happy for all of you who got to meet Johnny. Thanks soooo much for including me! (My flat Minxie moment with Johnny is PRICELESS!!! May I post that pic?)

I have heard they are filming in LA on Monday.... any tips for a newbie?

Osh said...

Hey anon, the kid in the skull shirt is my son Evan
You are welcome to check out my blog (click my name) for our JD story and how much this meant to us to be there.

Tamara said...

Now I see this pictures of Johnny again, in his hat with red and white stripes makes me remember "where's wally?" LOL!

I think that now is not wally, should call be "where's Johnny?!" :P

Hi Osh!

Osh said...

Hi Tamara!

We tried so hard to get you an autograph!

The stripey hat is funny. Where is Johhny? LOL


Blaznfire911 said...

Anonymous - Thanks for visiting my blog. Nice to hear from people who were on the set! I hope you had a great time that day! I'm glad the weather wasn't too bad either. We had a nice time together, and we were happy to see so many nice people from the crew!


Tamara said...

Yeah Osh, I know that
and thanks for all!
but I still waiting for met Johnny someday, I don't know, maybe in a far future :P

I have a uncle in USA, Kansas City.
and he ask me that when I finish my high school I go to Kansas or new york for study something that I want, relationated with English, publicity, or something else!


Blaznfire911 said...

PEG YOU ARE AWESOME! You got me talking to Johnny! That video made me get all teary's that darn music LOL

Thanks for giving me the I wanna have the video!! LOL

What an amazing exit on the last day of filming!!


Osh said...

I am so sad I can't hear.
I am going to pretend that JD is saying to Vicky
" But where is Osh, you know, the mom of that great kid, Evan?"

And Vicky says "they are babysitting my dogs"

lawgirl said...

I enjoyed your summary of our 2 days. It was a great ending to a wonderful experience! I am sad it is over, but have fond memories. I couldn't have imagined our last day could be so fun and interesting!! Missy cracks me up.

As I was walking through downtown Cedarburg today, I caught myself talking like you, LOL.

Osh said...


I love talking like Vicky and I might do it more than all the time.

Especially when I talk to my kittehs.

Blaznfire911 said...

LOL you guys crack me up!

Public Enemies could not have ended on a better note for fans. JD was so very gracious to us all!

The crew were AMAZINGLY nice, and very chatty LOL...there a good group of people!

Lawgirl - It was nice to run into you today, and you guys can all talk like me if you wanna LOL

The English accent is not what it used to be by any means. It comes and goes depending on how much I talk LOL.... I have to talk so much at work, that you rarely hear it unless I am getting super tired. I don't know why that is. Oh well.


Osh said...

Kansas City is a cool place, and if you get to visit, I know Vicky, Shakes and Evan and maybe the others would be up for rosd trips to meet you! I would of course!
Then we can give you copies of all our Johnny pictures in person!

Tamara said...

Oh Osh, Thanks!
you are so sweet!!!!
really I'd like to meet you some day with Vicky and Shaken, I hope that I can go to USA in a future for study something that I want, Learn how speak english very well and meet you guys!, could be cool!

Greetings! :D

Blaznfire911 said...


She is there! And is actually ON the set, not just by basecamp! JD is there as well as Marion, Chris Stolte, and the person who plays Frank Niti? (SP?) I don't know who that is. Apparently it is a VERY hot day in LA!

She is unsure how many people are waiting by basecamp at this point.

She will keep us updated on what's going on!


Osh said...

oh that Minxie!

-Sir Jack said...

Oh my blazn' Vixen!! Your 2 day blog is wonderful, love! The pictures are really TFF...thanks for going down there and sharing the JD effect!

The Depp Effect will echo on...
*winks & hugs*