Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Public Enemies, Strawberries, and a Wedding!

PUBLIC ENEMIES NEWS: My friend Minxie was lucky enough to be present on the FINAL day of filming for Public Enemies! They were filming yesterday in L.A. at the Santa Anita Horse Racing Track. For a WONDERFUL blog, and photos, go to her blog. http://commodoreminxie.blogspot.com/
I was lucky enough to be on the phone with her several times during her "moment" with Public Enemies yesterday! I enjoyed giving updates to everyone over on PEC, and other blogs in we visit! And Minxie finally had her chance to meet Johnny Depp!! THANKS MINXIE FOR INCLUDING ME IN YOUR MOMENT!


Make sure you stop over on Minxie's blog for all the "action"!!!!************************************************************************


This past weekend was the annual Strawberry Fest in Cedarburg, WI. I have never missed it! This year was kind of a let down, since I walked all over the place virtually by myself. I got separated from my friends, and couldn't find them again. But oh well. I did manage to run into Tiffany, who brightened my day!

Today, I went strawberry PICKING with my Mom, and my grandparents from England. It was HOT! I managed to get a good bunch of strawberries for my jam! I am making it for the county fair in a few weeks! My Nan and Grandad decided not to go picking, and stayed back by the refreshment stand. However, my Nan wanted to ride on the tractor, so off she went!

My Nan and Grandad

Well I want to take a ride! We don't have this in England!


That's right folks, I am the proud owner of a brand new father in law! This afternoon, at 4pm, Sean's mom got married! (For those of you who do not know, Sean is my hubby) Gary is a most welcome addition to our family! Gina (Sean's mom), and Gary have been dating for almost 15 years, and decided to finally take the plunge! We are both so happy for them. They were married at the Waukesha County Courthouse, and a dinner at Weisberger's gausthouse in Waukesha. We had a lot of fun! Not only did we gain a new father, but also a sister as well. her name is Courtney, and it will be great to have a sister in law! (Sean is an only child) Here are some pics from today! CONGRATULATIONS YOU TWO! WE LOVE YOU!

The newly weds!!! CONGRATS!

My hubby Sean, and I, at the dinner! (Man it was HOT!)


Osh said...

I think you are the hot one!

And I want to scoop up your grandparents and put them in my pocket! And I want to make jam with you! And I want to go to festivals with you!

Oh my!

Judge said...

Those strawberries look good.... yummy!

Let's do a festival sometime... let's do something.. anything :)

I know... let's make videos together ... hahaha!!

Movie Star Wife said...

Osh--I second that.

shakenbsis said...

Sounds like a FUN day Vicky!
I haven't made any jam in a coon's age! (at least 5 years) I used to have a crabapple tree that made the best pink jam... You make me wanna make jam!!

and you make me miss my family...

Thanks for putting up the pic of you and hubby ;)

Osh said...

watch out Judge...I have the biggest girl crush on Miss Vicky ever. Seriously, she makes me swoon.

Judge said...

That's ok Osh... I have to prepare for my impending duel with Miss Shakes over the love of the fair Jerry. I'm training right now.....

Mt Dew and cigarettes.

Blaznfire911 said...

LMAO you guys make me laugh!

We did have a good time, and today (after the storm) I am making JAM!!

Osh said...

Vicky all covered in jam.

Judge said...

I was thinking Jerry but whatever works for you Osh :)

LMAO... typing that statement made me laugh.

Osh said...

When you meet Vicky IRL she will cast her Mary Poppins spell all over you too! And you will be a goner for sure.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for all your great info Vicky! I love coming here and reading your blog.

It's been fun to read all of your travels, and Public Enemies fun. I am sure we will all miss them now that they are gone.

My family is also from England, so it is nice to find someone on here who shares that with me.

I'll be looking at your blog from now on. It has been so much fun to watch you guys chat about filming, and it truly has brought a lot of people together from all over the world! Isn't it funny how many people share the love of movies, and of course Johnny Depp?! He seems like such a great guy,and maybe one day I will be lucky enough to meet him like you guys have!

I'm going to go and check out Commodore Minxie's blog next. Thanks for everything, and congrats to the newly weds!

Debra from PA

lawgirl said...

Congrats on your new additions. And thanks for saying I brightened your Strawberry fest day!

Cybermom said...

Hey Vix,
Did you go to the strawberry farm on Hwy Q? Bauer's? The ride out to the field looks familiar! Great berries! I'm sure you'll get a blue ribbon at the fair!

Hey, maybe we should all plan to go to that one! That would be a fun girl outing!

Your pics look great and you and your hubby are just too cute together, love!

~Minxie~ said...

Hey Vix! GREAT blog.... love the strawberries!!! Will you come to Cali and teach me to make jam? PLEASE!!??!! ;)

Oh and your DH is VERY handsome!!! (and HOT too!)

-Sir Jack said...

Vixen, congrats to you and your new family additions! I love strawberries...especially dipped in chocolate, accompanied by a good glass of wine. *licks lips*

Vixy, my love, you look fantabulous in black!!

Christine said...

I loved reading your blog. Making strawberry jam ~ how delicious.

Congratulations on your family addition. :)

(btw - how is your eye?)

Tamara said...

Hi Vicky!
How are you?
I hope that fine

Grrrrrr I'm tired!!!!
I've been very busy this week
in the school the tests are awful!
Holy Johnny Help me!

The pictures are very cool
I love weddings, are so cute!

Grettings Vicky!


Blaznfire911 said...

Tamara - nice to hear from you. i have been very busy with the 4th of July festivities and such. I am going to try to blog about that tonight, so we shall see what happens.

Christine - Thanks for thinking of me. My eye is ALOT better now. Was having some trouble with it yesterday, but today it seems to be back to normal. :)


Osh said...

Hi Tamara!~

Holy Johnny help me made me laugh!

Vicky, I'm glad your eye is better! I was worried about you!


Robbi said...

Alittle late getting here...
But your pictures are wonderful...
Strawberries look Delish!

Jam sounds even better.

The Wedding look's so very nice. and you and your Hubby are a Cute Couple!!!

Glad to hear your eye is better...

Have fun the rest of the weekend!