Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Chandi the dancing dog!

Being an animal lover, it was hard not to smile at the videos my friend sent me. Here are 2 for you to take a look at. This is Chandi, the dancing dog, and his friend, Tina Humphrey's at the Cruft Show in England. They must have had to work VERY hard to get this down pat! It is the best dancing I have seen by far.....especially since there is a dog involved! Enjoy you guys! BTW - they are a little long, but worth the watch!! Chandi was adopted by Tina at the dog pound....truly inspiring!

The first video is up beat, and I LOVED it!!

This video is just AMAZING! The music made me all teary eyed. It is a beautiful slow dance with Tina and Chandi. They truly are wonderful together!


-Sir Jack said...

Amazing videos Blazn'! Chandi really loves her owner, you can tell by how she watches her every move, and she's wagging her tail throughout the dance. Those dances really elaborate...that dog is very, very smart!!

I wonder if Max could dance like that!! LMAO Wonder how many times I'd step on him practicing. LOL
Great blog Vix!!!

Blaznfire911 said...

Thanks Jack! Chandi reminds me of one of my dogs. It is truly amazing how smart animals really are!

I am sure that you and Max could put something together for us all LOL

Dody said...

Absolutely love these videos and your blog! Hope you will come and check us out on GRA! I know you would love the group we have there! All just a bit wacky! And thanks for making me feel welcome at work. You guys are great, sure glad I was the one who got the job!


Tina said...


Just found your blog and discovered that you were talking about me and my beautiful girl, Chandi! Thanks for the great comments - much appreciated. Chandi is a rescue dog from the dog pound in fact - isn't it amazing what people throw away?!

Tina and Chandi.

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