Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Couldn't resist mate!

Edited today(Thursday): Hopefully we will have some new friends on blogger today. Please say hi to Wendy and Donna (if they make an appearance) HELLO GIRLS, AND WELCOME!!!!

The wonders of the internet! It is funny to me how meeting a famous person can make YOU famous (kinda). I know my "soap box" speech a few days ago seemed a little harsh, but I have to thank a website that gave credit to both myself, and Shakenbsis. I believe it is a website from Chile. Correct me if I am wrong. I haven't taken a Spanish class for years, so I am a little rusty. From what I gathered, the folks on that website were very nice, and included a photo credit at the end. "Muchas Gracias mis amigos! Habla usted Ingles? Gracias por dar el crédito a nuestras fotos. Significa mucho que usted visitó nuestros sitios. Gracias por es suficiente amable para incluir de donde usted consiguió las fotos. Johnny Depp es verdaderamente un hombre maravilloso que toma tiempo para sus fans."

It says: "Thank you my friends. Do you speak English? Thank you for crediting who took the pictures. It means a lot that you visited our sites. Thank you again for telling people where the photos came from. Johnny Depp is indeed a wonderful man who takes time for his fans." (at least I THINK that's what I wrote LOL)
( I hope that is right. Sorry if it isn't...I'm a bit rusty)
It is nice to know that there are sites out there who WILL credit people for their ideas, and photos. I just wish I hadn't looked like such a dork in my photos LOL. My "soap box" rant was NOT geared towards this website in anyway. It was a different magazine website that bothered me the most. I did not even know about this one until today.
Here is a link to the site from Chile -

I had planned to post some more Johnny Photos today, but my computer is acting up! It is freezing, and taking forever to load one photo, so instead I stole some from Minxie's page. I am sure you have all seen them before, but hey....when do we ever get tired of looking at Johnny Depp? The pictures were taken by our friend Peg! (Hope you don't mind love....I just couldn't resist.)

Thanks to my Commodore Minxie....I am up and running again! Here are some Johnny pictures to hold you guys over!!!

Is he really waving at me? I think he is!

I just can't get over how compassionate he is with his fans!

I snuck this pic when Johnny's driver leaned forward. Sad to see him leave though
And last but not least....I found this pic for Shakes!

HAS ANYONE SEEN OR HEARD FROM ZACK?? Shakes...have you seen him?


shakenbsis said...

I know Vicky, wild, eh? It was a very nice site! =)

No, nothing form Zak, but he does have a blog that he had for a poly sci class. I think Ileft a comment there, I'll see if I can find it again...

Blaznfire911 said...

I modified the post today, and added some more pics. THANKS MINXIE!

I put a special one up there for you shakes!


shakenbsis said...

OMG Doc! you have no way of knowing this but it is my fav of all!!! (I LOVE hand pics) ok, feet too... it's priceless to me!!!

shakenbsis said...

took my breath away...

~Minxie~ said...

My pleasure Vicky!!! Any time you need anything.... you let me know. If its within my power... I will make it happen!!!

Great blog!!! And hey, your spanish is pretty darn good!!!

Shakes... hands are very artistic and beautiful..... I was looking closely at JD's hands.... * smiles *
And you have lovely nails!!! :)

Blaznfire911 said...

LOL Shakes! Well I will email it to you without the words on it!!

Thanks again've been so kind to me!


shakenbsis said...

How weird, my comment didn't show up!

Thank you Doc!!! Can't tell youhow happy that made me!

Minxie you are so kind! My nails are always a mess! I was noticing too in this pic they look oddly nice LOL!

(happy accident or trick of the lighting...) = )

Blaznfire911 said...

Or perhaps a trick of the photographer LOL

shakenbsis said...

Ahhhh,yes, the photographer... She is a tricky one! Nite, love!

Rachel Judge said...

Great blog and love the pics. One can never see too much Johnny. *swoons*

I'm glad that Chilean website gave you ladies credit. You certainly deserve it.

As far as JD's driver Brian, I have a ton of photos of him if you are in need. I love me some Brian and in fact, I know he loves him some Judge too :) Super great guy, great heart, amazingly white smile, and hot as heck. Ahhhh...

Ok... now I am going to go to bed with dreams of Brian dancing in my head.

Tamara said...

I can't believe it
you found my fotolog of Johnny wow!
( )
is really cool and I'm so glad to see you blog and pictures of johnny, really you have lucky ^^

mi name is Tamara and yeah , I'm from chile and a big fan of Mr.Depp, he is so talented and cool.

I know how to read english but speak it a little :P
I never thought that you read and visit my fotolog!
and don't worry about your pictures
I will always give credits ;D

ahahaa I'm so excited! ^^

greetings darling!
I hope that someday you write in my fotolog
will be a honor to me