Sunday, June 15, 2008

Singing in Pick and Save?? What will they think of next!

A few weeks ago, over on PEC, of few of us were talking about how bad the grocery stores had gotten. Do you guys remember that? Well I went to do some food shopping today at my local pick and save. Low and Behold....I find out there having a "Grand re-opening"! I didn't even know they had closed down! LOL

It has been completley redone, and they were selling brats (which of course I had one) and they had a whole list of things going on inside the store! I thought you guys might like a laugh to see what I found inside the store!

I decided to hold off posting any more Johnny Depp/Public Enemies pictures today, and will probobly put them up tomorrow. I am still working on the video of pics for everyone to watch!


They have a "traveling fish market" pick out the shrimp/fish, this guy weighs it, and packages it up for you.

A salad bar, fruit bar, and an olive bar

They had a kids table where you can have temporary tattoos put on(He wouldn't let me get the pirate one :( )

This is a Jamaican singer (sang like Bob marley). He was entertaining shoppers in the floral dept. He sang a great Jamaican version of "You look Wonderful Tonight"

At the store next door, the flood signs were still up!


Lotus said...

Hey, Blazin! Just thought I'd check in and see what's been happening. An updated pick & slave; wish ours would get an update. :) Hope you had a great day! Are your grandparents enjoying their Wisconsin visit? Hope so!! Tell them your bloggin' friends say, "HI!"

shakenbsis said...

Hey! How cool is that????

Blaznfire911 said...

Thanks guys!

My grandparents are enjoying themselves, but not used to the mosquitoes!!! they hate them LOL

Rachel Judge :) said...

My Pick N Save needs to really up their entertainment :)

Angel said...

Love your blog. It is cool that they had a jamaican singer in Pick N Save. That would sure make shopping more fun you could dance while you shop.

Jenny said...

You got a pretty fancy pick n save there. Ours is just dirty and has no selection. One day they were out of hamburger. How does a grocery store run out of hamburger?!?!?!