Friday, July 4, 2008

My family's introduction to Public Enemies, and our great 4th of July!

My family must think I am crazy. In fact I KNOW that they think I am crazy. When I stop to tell them all the wonderful times I have had meeting Johnny Depp, and seeing the Public Enemies filming, they look at me in disbelief. HOWEVER, tonight I think that has changed for some of them. We had a grand celebration here at my house for Independence Day. During which, I decided to bust out my Public Enemies home made slide show/video. ( Which will be put up in a few days on my blog) At first, they all looked at it with a puzzled expression on their faces, but then that changed into something all too familiar to me. They had the Depp Effect. As we watched the video, I explained to them about the different locations, the actors, and the story about John Dillinger. They seemed very intruiged by it all. It was nice to share it with them, and get their stamp of approval on the video. They really liked it! So that made me happy, and also more "gung ho" about putting it out there for others to see. So fingers crossed that I can get it uploaded for you all!

We had a great afternoon, with lots of yummy food, and some really REALLY bad fireworks! Let me explain that.....I have never bought fireworks in my life, and it is illegal to shoot them off where I live. So when I walked into Kmart to pick up some paper towels today, I saw a rack of fireworks sitting on the cash register. I thought, why would they sell them knowing it was illegal to shoot them off? Well, I soon found out. What I had purchsed was nothing more than smoke bombs, and some pretty bad ones at that. All they did was a poof of smoke, and that was it! My husband (bless his soul) shouts : "Nothing you buy from Kmart is going to explode!" I laughed hysterically at that! The main attraction of the afternoon was this little python snake thing that you light, and it grows. OMG!! Can you believe that? Thats what I bought. I was mortified, as I had wanted to shoot off some huge fireworks (regardless of if I shouldn't) and I bought a fake snake. Even the little snaps that you smack on the ground didn't work. DON"T EVER SEND ME AGAIN TO GET FIREWORKS!!! LOL I will never hear the end of this.
It was fun to introduce my grandad to an American ice cream truck. He bought everyone an ice cream who wanted one. It was very sweet. We also got a cake for Gina, Sean's mom, to celebrate her wedding a few days ago. The groom was unable to attend the festivities as he was working. I did make them a video of the wedding, which I hope they liked. Also my friend Donna came with her hubbie and son. I ADORE that kid!!
As darkness set in, we decided to actually go and see some fireworks at the Waukesha Expo Center. We parked at the Local Humane Society, and my friend Cassie and I, set out a picnic blanket to lay on. The bugs were just awful!! We had no bug spray on either. A friend of ours, Captain Ron, was making popcorn for everyone, and once the fireworks started, I went snapping away with my camera. I have never gotten a pic of a firework before, and I wanted to try. "Put that thing's abnoxious!" Cassie kept saying. Again, mortified.

Here are some pics from today:
Having fun with my family and friends!
My friend Cassie and I
Here we are!
My sister and her Boyfriend Matt
My grandad meets the ice cream man, and buys everyone a little treat!
Sean's mom gets a congratulations cake! She got married a few days ago!
The man of the hour.....Colton!
Get ready for some AMAZING "fireworks" purchased by yours truly!
Werent those AMAZING????? LOL
Captain Ron makes us popcorn as we wait for the REAL fireworks to begin!
By the way - I only got 2 semi ok fireworks pictures. Hey, it was my first time!


Osh said...

snakes were my favorite when I was a kid...for the first 11 years of my life we always went to The Farm for the 4th and I never knew there were any other kind of fireworks until we started going to Key Largo! For a special treat I was allowed a sparkler or two...I thought they were magic!

And I love Granddad.

Dino said...

Great post. I found your blog via Grinder's blog.

Sounds like you have a great family that will sit and listen and actuall GET the Depp Effect!

I'm looking forward to seeing your slide show.

Granddad sure knows how to make everyone happy! Icecream!!!

Jenny said...

Hey, you didn't put Sweeney Todd on your blog poll :( Me loves Sweeney :)

Looks like you had a nice 4th of July :)

How many of those family members live in England?

dj said...

I love the pic of your granddad too!!

Looks like you had a wonderful time with your family. Very sweet!!!


Robbi said...

Sure look's like you had a great 4th of July..
You have a very nice looking family..
Love that Grandpa got you all Ice Cream!!! How sweet is that...

Snakes were my favorite growing up..

Blaznfire911 said...

Hi All!

Jenny - Yeah I forgot to add that one. Maybe next month LOL I just thought about that, but the comp won't let me add it in. Only 2 of the people currently live in England. They go back next week friday.

Dino - Nice to see you! COme back anytime! My family is great, and I finally got to share this all with them.

Hopefully I will put up the video soon.

Suz said...

hehehe....I love your fireworks story! :) I'm glad you get to spend some time with your family!

shakenbsis said...

LOVE the 'fireworks' Chick-a-dee!!! Sounds like what I might end up with...

I did sell fireworks for Cornelliers one summer though...

i love your granddad too!!!!

-Sir Jack said...

Vixen!! Nice photos of the family and fireworks!! Just checkin' in on you love!! Haven't seen much of you around the blog...well, at my blog at least LOL..miss you!!!

Hope you had a great weekend and hope to see around this week?? Maybe?