Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Columbus Photos win at the county fair!

This is my 4th year entering in the Waukesha County Fair. Even though I am exhausted, I still enjoyed every minute of it. My mum got me interested in doing baking and canning, and also photography. We even took a pottery class together, and entered some of our things. This year, I decided to do a bit more than normal. I entered 38 items into the fair. 21 of those items recieved prizes (although not as high up as I would have liked LOL). However, I did recieve my very FIRST Reserve Champion award for my wheat bread, so I am VERY pleased with that!
The judges were pretty tough this year, and some of the categories were very large, especially in photography. When Public Enemies was filming in Columbus, I decided to take some black and white photographs of the streets, and the judge must have liked them! I entered 3 separate pictures of various parts of Columbus, and each of them won something. Even though I wish I would have won first place (hee hee), I got 2 seconds, and a 4th for the pictures. Even some of the crowd commented on how nice the town looks.

I had a couple "flops" with my baking, including : Chocolate Chips Cookies, Scones, and Cloverleaf rolls. They didn't place at all. I was a bit bummed out, but you can't win them all. :)
Here is the list of what I won today at the County Fair:

Pumpkin Bread - 4th Ceramic Swirl Plate - 2nd
Banana Bread - 4th Ceramic Square Bowl - 2nd
Strawberry Jam - 4th Ceramic Rounded Bowl - 2nd
Applesauce - 3rd Ceramic Etched Plate - 1st
White Bread - 2nd
Apple Butter - 2nd
Dehydrated Fruit Mix - 2nd
Dehydrated Apples - 1st
Wheat Bread - 1st + Reserve Champion

Columbus Street View - 4th
Sunset small view - 4th
Sunset Large view - 4th
Little boy with glasses - 4th
Little boy on drums - 3rd
Columbus Street Signs - 2nd
Columbus Street Corner - 2nd
Series of 3 photos of bridge - 1st

Next up....STATE FAIR.....judging is tomorrow for photos, and next week Thursday for the foods. I entered 2 photos, but I will have to wait till next week to find out if I won or not.

Here are some pics from the fair:

It's canning time!

A line up of some bakery waiting to be judged

My poor old scones...they didn't win, but they should have! They were Orange Cranberry!

My winning wheat bread! 1st place, PLUS Reserve Champion!!

Once the food has been judged, some of it is cut up for everyone to enjoy!

The animal Photo that did NOT can you not love this pic?

One of my Columbus pics that won!

I will try to put up the other two pictures of Columbus that won as soon as I can get my computer working right. It just won't let me upload them for some reason.


~Minxie~ said...

AWESOME!!!! CONGRATS!!!!! Vicky you worked soooo hard!!! You deserve to have the glory!!!!! I am sooooo proud of you!!!!!!

Best of luck in the State Fair!!!!!!


Lotus said...

You Rock! Way to go Blazn, we're all proud of you. On to victory at the State Fair!

There's a musical called State Fair. You should rent the movie to get all psyched up for competition. And BTW, I thought the scones looked GREAT! And I've never had one, so they must look particularly good!

Movie Star Wife said...

I get hungry just thinking about all of those baked delicacies. Yummy.

Blaznfire911 said...

LOL you guys!


Movie Star Wife said...

I just went over to your "Storytime" and read the poem. I love it. You are quite the poet, and we didn't even know it!

Cybermom said...

No wonder you've been AWOL lately! Congrats on all of the accolades! You deserve it. Miss you!

-Sir Jack said...

Absolutely amazing Blazn!!!!
I can't believe you made all those goodies...yeah that is more than normal, love. The pix of all the entries make me hungry...can I be judge next year???

Love the photos too, esp the pups!!

Suz said...

Awesome! We missed you tonite, but we knew where you were!

Congratulations!! :)

Osh said...

oh Vicky, we are all so proud of you here at our house!
You have worked so hard and deserve it so much!!!!!!!!!!!

lawgirl said...

WOW-congrats for winning all of those awards. That is quite impressive. The scones look really good. Orange cranberry-Yum!

Good luck at the state fair.

Is that picture of Columbus the same that Jerry and Johnny complimented you on? It deserved 1st place!

lawgirl said...

I forgot to mention that I love the doggie picture. I don't know how that did not win.

Jenny said...

Congrats Vix! That's awesome!

shakenbsis said...

Absolutely Amazing Doc!!!
I'll bet you could sleep for a week! ;)
ps: Orange Cranberry are my favorite scones... mmm...
I'd love to sample ;)

Tamara said...

Hi Vicky!
How are you?

is very cool know about you in these days, I love your new pictures!
are you in Holydays don't you?

Greetings Dear, Enjoy!


Michelle said...

Yay! Great shot! Congrats to you.

Blaznfire911 said...

Thanks Michelle! i will be putting some other ones up in a couple of days. :)

Hi tamara...doing good. how are you? No holiday for me though...been too busy for a holiday!

Peg - I am around, just been sooooooooo busy!

Nice to see you tiffany!


shakenbsis said...

Hi Doc!
You were sooooo much fun last nite!
BIG HUGS!!! =)