Saturday, July 26, 2008

Rocking out at the Police that a Minxie doppleganger I see??

Last night I had the extreme pleasure of attending the greatest concert ever with Elvis Costello and The Police! I grew up listening to my dad playing their records, and "jamming" to the music. I never thought in a million years that I would EVER get to see them perform live. When my friend, Donna, first asked me way back in March if I would like to was an immediate YES! Without hesitation! Seeing both Elvis Costello, and The Police, live and in concert was something that I could not pass up!
German Fest was going on at the Summerfest grounds when we arrived there last night, so of course we had to stop in for some good old fashioned Bratwurst. It was so humid that my pants were sticking to me, and I swear I made them grow 3 extra sizes....they were NOT that big when I put them on!! After we had our fill, we headed up to the Marcus Amphetheatre to watch Elvis Costello perfom. We arrived a bit too late, and only got to listen to 2 songs. Bummer for us. What we did see was wonderful! He was getting everyone on their feet....singing the songs, and just plain old rockin' out! I went down to the concert with 3 of my friends....Donna, Jeff, and Christine. As Elvis was singing his last song, we headed up to the grass area to get a beer, and take some photos. The crowd started screaming, and I swung around at an all too familiar, and soothing sound.....Sting had come on stage to sing with Elvis, and belt out a wail so long that I thought the man was gonna keel over, and pass out. Only Sting can sing like that! I quickly turned on my camera, and video taped all 20 seconds that I could. Elvis was on stage for about an hour, before saying goodnight.
Now one thing I had forgotten about going to concerts is the atmosphere. Let me tell you it was packed full of energy! Not an empty seat in the house as far as I could see. The air smelled like a mixture of beer, and cigs, and everywhere I went I was butted up against someone else. Now if you know me well, I don't like to be touched by a bunch of strangers. I really hate it when some grabs the back of my neck, even if it is a joke. (I have a lot of friends who enjoy pranking me, by sticking a pen on my neck, and watching me freak out LOL.) So being stuck in a place with thousands of people in hot, humid weather can make me a bit cranky. However, nothing was going to spoil my fun that night! So I stood there with my friends, spilling beer on people (on accident), snapping pictures, yelling at the top of my lungs, and having a blast!
Once the stage had been prepared for The Police, the lights went out, reggae music started paying, and on they came. First up on the bracket was my FAVORITE song, "Message in a Bottle". I freaked out, and started jumping around like an idiot! A beer in one hand, and camera in the other. I feel kinda bad because I got so excited that I spilt some on a girl in front of me. (Sorry person in front of me)
THE POLICE WERE AMAZING! It is the ONLY band I have heard that still sounds the same today, as they did back then. Every note, every syllable, every rythmic key....all the same, and it was an awe-inspiring sight for me to see. Sting's voice is just incredible.
Sting looked GOOD! My friends and I just added him to our "list"....I am sure I don't need to explain that one...right?
They played one great song after another. I can't remember when I have had such a great time! I got a little giddy when they started singing "Wrapped Around my Finger", since that was the first song I EVER remember listening to. I kept thinking about how my dad would have loved to see this show. It brought back a lot of memories of when I was younger. My sister used to run around the room yelling that song, as she showed everyone her finger. Not that middle finger....just any finger.....then she would tie things around her finger, and start singing away! I have to admit...I did that too!
Needless to say that the beer had kicked in for my friends, and it was time for a bathroom break. I headed down to buy a t-shirt, and get a beer. As we were standing there getting our shirts, I missed one of my favourite songs... "Roxanne". I was a bit bummed, but at least I could hear it. The Police really know how to put on a show! In 3 weeks, I hear (now keep in mind this could be untrue) that all the equipment, including the drums, will be auctioned on ebay. If that is true, I know a few people who are going to battle it out for those drums!

Here are some pics, andI was able to take for you guys! I will upload some video once I figure out how to do it LOL....It seems that not only does the computer NOT want to upload my Public Enemies Video...but my My Police videos as well. I must be doing something wrong! Any suggestions???

The gang runs in to an old friend!

Here is me...rockin' the Police shirt on a HUMID Wisconsin night!

As far as the Minxie Doppleganger goes.....

For those of you who don't know what a doppleganger is someone's twin. I use that word all the time, and from what I have heard today.....I understand a certain someone uses that word as well....who may have seen my friend Christine the Doppleganger! And if that is the case....then she may have seen me too!

I have known this person for about a year. Her name is Christine, and she is a friend of Donna, who came with us last night. I first met her at a halloween party when she was dressed up as a pirate. When I first met Minxie online, I thought it was Christine. They truly look the same, sans the blue eyes, in person. They even talk basically the same. I showed Christine a picture of Minxie, and she thought they looked alike as well. I screamed " She is your Doppleganger!" To which I had to explain what that was LOL

I thought I would leave it up to you you think that they look alike...or not? Sorry but the pics aren't exactly positioned the way I wanted them.

This is Christine... This is Minxie......


~Minxie~ said...

Sounds like you had a wonderful time!!!! I so love Sting!!!!

As far as my "twin" goes... ok, yeah I can see the likeness side by side! And if she ISNT the gal that Cranky saw, then someone is trying to clone me!!! YIKES!!! One Minxie in the world is QUOTE enough! =0P

Thanks Vix!!!! Love ya lady!!!

Judge said...

Awesome story and love Minxie's twin !!

Christine said...

Wow!! Police and Elvis Costello, what fun!! I too love Sting. Glad you were able to see him in concert along with the rest of Police and EC.

I do see a resemblance between Christine and Minxie. It's really cool that you met Christine & then Minxie. The funny thing is if PE wouldn't had happened you would never had known the doppleganger hit!! That's so neat.

:) signed Christine from the east coast not the clone of Minxie LOL

Robbi said...

Hey!!! Blazn!!!!

So glad you had a good time at the Concert...
Love the photo's. I too love Sting!
Christine does resemble Minxie...

They say there is two look a likes for every one person///

I had one living in the same town as me when I was a teenager.
never did see her...

Have a great Sunday!!!!

Anonymous said...


OMG I totally SAW you at the concert... more precisely, I remember your shirt!! We walked past each other more than once (were you in section 1, 2 or 3?) How crazy is that!

Conspiracy Theorist Extraodinaire

M said...

What a dream concert-- I've been a Police and Elvis fan for decades! (And my list has Stewart Copeland on it-- um, he used to look very very hot!) Thanks for this review, I loved reading it, and what a great night! You look adorable in that shirt!


cranky anonymous said...

Wasn't it an amazing concert? I haven't enjoyed myself that much at a concert in ages. The people in my section were great - no obnoxious drunk people and I had a blast.

Ironically, that ISN'T the person I saw - the one I saw was wearing a black shirt and had her hair pulled back. :) She was walking by herself in front of me (my friend and I were in the front of section 15 - the bleacher seats), and it looked like she was looking for someone.

Minxie, sounds like there are 2 clones of you out there!!!!!

Osh said...

I didn't even know The Police were playing Wisconsin.

shakenbsis said...

Glad to see you had such a great time Doc!!

You look HOT girl!!!! ;)

Yes, Christine does look like Minxie...

lawgirl said...

I'm glad you had so much fun seeing the Police! Sting does look good. I saw Styx and Boston at the Washington County fair last night. They were both really good, especially considering neither has the original lead singer. So we were both watching old bands perform again.

I thought of you when we went into the area that had the prize winners. I was half expecting to see a nice Columbus pic. None were as good as yours.

I do think Mixie an Christine look alike. Especially their bone structure.

Blaznfire911 said...

Thanks all! We had a blast! i was bummed I missed video on the Roxanne part :(

Lawgirl- I can't believe I missed the styx concert!!!

Cranky- OMG there are 2 Minxie clones walking around??? Oh boy....we'd better be careful LOL