Saturday, June 21, 2008

From the Kurth to Public Enemies Chicago...what were we thinking??

*Edited - More pictures added just for Osh! (Tonight 6/21)

2nd edit (sorry) - I just wanted to add that I am glad for the fans in Chicago that they got to meet Johnny. I didn't mean anything bad about what I have said. It is just a "different" experience than Columbus or Milwaukee. That's all.

Last night I went to visit some friends of mine in Columbus, for Shakenbsis birthday party. I arrived at the Kurth around 7:30pm, after a short few detours around the flooding. Low and behold, I pull up right next to Osh! We had a great time chatting with everyone, and having some cake and yummy nachos! The next thing I know, Evan is on the phone with his Public Enemies "source", and I am off to Chicago at 11pm on a Friday night. It took much deliberation on our parts to even decide to go in the first place. The whoosie girls wanted to come down desperatly....sorry girls. I remembered that there is a curfew for kids under the age of 18 in Chicago, which I am sure that they enforce. So, it was a no go for the Whoosies.

Shakes.....looking at little kitty Ginny under the table at the Kurth!
Some of the Kurth gang! my ping-guin shirt....just for you Sir Jack!

Ping-uin shirt goes down to Chicago and back!

Evan made a run for bug spray at the Kurth! Boy, some of us were getting bitten by those pesky little skeeters! Osh found the bug spray quite amusing!

We started off with a great plan to get to the filming in Chicago. We just had about $150 cash (in big bills are not rich....just happened to have it), no credit cards, and no gas. Suz's was kind enough to let me leave my car parked at her house in Columbus, and we headed off to get some gas. THANKS SUZ!!! Once we were on the road, it was easy sailing....until we got to Chicago. 4 toll ways, and about a half hour of bumper to bumper traffic in Chicago, we finally found our exit. It was now 1am, and we were in the heart of Chicago. Needless to say, I was not expecting to find (and I know this is going to put me on "someones" list....I'M SO SORRY) a homeless man, with only one leg, knocking on peoples windows asking for money. Now, I did feel bad for him, but the fact remained that we didn't have all that much with us. It took almost $100 to get down there and back! I see the light turn red, and I plunge myself head first into a map of Chicago. "Don't make eye contact with him!" I yell. Horrible I know. I hear Osh explaining to the man about how we don't have anything to give him, and I bust out laughing, so I cover my face with the map. I know, I know, I know. I am going right to "you know where"! The next thing I know, this man has his crutch right in front of the tire, and the light is now green. Needless to say, Osh had pull quite the manuver to get out that situation. You can read all about it on her blog It was quite an ordeal, more so because we had become so flustered (and me hysterical), that we missed our turn, and drove straight past base camp. After a little bit of driving, we found our way back, and into a parking garage for a hotel. We walk a few blocks, and to our surprise, there is base camp. With NO security. Not even a bit of tape to rope it off!

We were practically standing in base camp, when all of a sudden I hear screaming coming from where I can't see around the corner. Johnny had pulled out in his SUV, and I swear like 100 people chased him for a block or so, screaming their heads off! I have NEVER seen this before! In all my time watching the filming, this has to be the first time I regretted being in the vicinity. I was embarrased for both myself, and for Johnny. It didn't sink in until i saw this, that he has to deal with this sort of thing ALL THE TIME! I felt really bad for him. So then I start to ask this the Depp Effect? Or Depp hysteria?

Although I cannot understand for the life of me why so many people would run across an open street just to stare at a car, I do understand now why Jerry has to be the way he is. He once told me that "You wouldn't like my job if you had to do it everyday." Now I know why.

Anyway, we all take a seat near base camp, and wait for Johnny to return. I would have liked to have said hello to some of the other actors, but I never saw them. I did hear that some people caught a glimpse of Marion Coutillard. Not more than a half hour goes by when I hear screaming again! I got up to see what the fuss wa about, and there is johnny in a car, being pulled by a trailer going around the block. He is followed by several more old cars, who honk at us as they drive past. Johnny does a quick wave, and then goes round the block again. he came back about 15 minutes later, to the arrival of more screaming...more cameras, and security asking people to back up. Becky and Marcella were there tonight, and got some great video of Johnny talking to Michael Mann. We had been looking for them all night, and suddenly ...there they were.

People started to gather at both ends of base camp. About 1/2 hour after Johnny arrived back at camp, I see Osh get up and start walking over to this fence railing on the otherside if base camp. I said " Well if Johnny is around, and I see Osh start moving like that, I am following" Sure enough, here he came. He waved to the crowd, and starting signing autographs. Then all hell broke loose......People had noticed where everyone was moving to, and pushed....shoved....and literally clawed their way in to the front row. I have NEVER in all my life been so angry at people. This poor little girl got smushed right up against the railings...I just pray Johnny did not have to witness that. Once people found their spot, it calmed down a bit. Now, I have no problems with Chicago, or the people that live there, but what I do have a problem with is screaming and yelling and pushing. There was no need for that, and I had never seen anyone do this before. (Chicago was very different to any of the other towns I have been in) Johnny Depp has ALWAYS been gracious to his fans, and it is NOT an obligation for him to come and do meet and greets. This sort of behaviour (not to mention the drunk people that were hanging around tonight, just walking in and out of basecamp) is exactly what gets these "meet and greets" cancelled for everybody! He is a person, just like you and me, and deserves to be treated with respect!

When I saw the filming in Columbus, I could not believe the amount of respect, admiration, and restraint that was shown by the individuals who were lucky enough to be there. In Chicago, it was the complete opposite. Screaming, drunkiness, pushing a little girl?????? Come on now! Just to clarify things though......not everyone was behaving in this manner. There were some VERY nice , and respectful, people down there. You know the saying...."It only takes one bad apple to ruin the bunch" (or something like that)

Back to Johnny: He came down the line VERY fast, and Osh managed to get 3 things autographed. One was for Mary's daughter who could not come down. Evan was nice enough to ask Mr. Depp to sign it for her. As for me, I already have the autograph I wanted, so..

I saw him coming, and saw how tired he seemed. I didn't want to press the matter, so when he got to me I asked, "Could I have a photograph with you Mr. Depp?". He didn't look me in the eyes, as he normally has done in the past, but grabbed my arm instead, and gave it a little squeeze. It was at that moment (and I know it sounds stupid) that I realized he seemed very tired, and apologetic. Now I could be TOTALLY wrong, and I am in no way able to judge another person's feelings...nor should I be able to. I do NOT know what he was feeling at the's just my personal opinion. As he let go of my arm, he finally looked up at me and said "I'm sorry love. I can't. He won't let me." (nodding to jerry), and then moved on. (When I get around to'll get my Depp Effect story)

I wasn't upset. I knew that my chances were slim, but it was the only thing I had been hoping for since first hearing about Public Enemies. I have met Mr. Depp 3 times, and each time I was told no photographs could be taken, and that's ok. He is a busy man, and I shouldn't expect it. I guess deep down, I am a little dissapointed, but that's life. I had some GREAT times, met some great friends, and even met a homeless man. (Kinda) I know. I know.

I LOVED going down to Chicago with Osh, and Evan! It was a blast, and I have never laughed so hard in my whole life! here are some pics that I managed to get. Sorry, but there were so many people, that I did not want to add to the hysteria, so I stopped taking pics!

As much as I would like that one last shot at gettng a photograph of Johnny and myself, I am afraid that this long road that is Public Enemies, has come to a hault for me. It's been an amazing ride, and an even greater adventure! Thank you to the cast and crew of Public Enemies, and to my friends over on PEC!

*Please feel free to email me if you would like to use any of these photographs, but please do not take without asking*

That's Osh's thumb, as she and Jerry exchange a "thumbs up" when telling Jerry that it was Betty Machete's Birthday!

Meeting Johnny at 3:30am Saturday 6/21 (still in some makeup...check out the scar!)

Base Camp Gathering

No Barriers up at Base Camp...we were close enough to touch it

In fact, a certain someone DID touch Michael Mann's Bus!

Here come the cars!

Another certain someone.....who shall remain nameless (you know who you are!) found these wardrobe divider laying out in the street

Check out how much the person before us paid for gas!!!!

And last but not least....the past two times I have met Mr. Depp, it has been raining. Check out the view we got on our ride home from Chicago this Morning. I guess this does signify that Public Enemies has come to an end for least till next year.


Osh said...

I have been waiting all day for this!!!!!!! I had so much fun with you. Sorry I had to put the smack down on Evan a few times...parenting is hard work...even with 2 legs! You put the night/morning into great words that I couldn't find...I'm so hyper.

but where is the bug spray pic? boobs up?

Blaznfire911 said...

You said not to put that pic up there goof! I do remember hearing you say....I don't want any pics of me on the blog LMAO

Thanks for the great time, and Evan is a great kid!

I put more pics up on the blog, and edited a few things as well.

Sorry it isn't as funny as your blog. OMG i peed my pants!

Osh said...

I pee my pants a lot

I said you could put the bug spray Kurth one if you cropped my jelleh rolls out!

Osh said...

can I steal your Evan pics?

Blaznfire911 said...

LOL Oh yeah...I forgot....I will add that one in!

Of course you can love, and I have more. I will get them to you!

Gonna add your other pics, and take a nap LOL

Osh said...

I love it when you speak all British to me. I feel so clever!

calypso said...

Way to go Blazn' & Osh (Evan too)! I"m so glad you got to meet JD once again and had a good times road tripping. Homeless people...I'm sure that was a tough situation. The "window washer" people at intersections... they kind creep me out sometimes.

Thanks for sharing your photos- they're great. So will you change your mind and go down again this week? LOL

Rachel Judge said...

Awesome ladies :) Love your pics. I wish I could have went with you but it probably wouldn't have been cool to go into work off no sleep!

Can't wait to see the rest of your Jerry and Johnny photos!!

Tamara said...

I can't believe it
you found my fotolog of Johnny wow!
( )

I read your last post (Wednesday, June 18, 2008) when you speak about my site!

is really cool and I'm so glad to see you blog and pictures of johnny, really you have lucky ^^

mi name is Tamara and yeah , I'm from chile and a big fan of Mr.Depp, he is so talented and cool.

I know how to read english but speak it a little :P
I never thought that you read and visit my fotolog!
and don't worry about your pictures
I will always give credits ;D

ahahaa I'm so excited! ^^

greetings darling!
I hope that someday you write in my fotolog
will be a honor to me

whosit1cassie said...

Congrats on seeing JD again!!! Ya we were a little bummed we couldn't tag along, but we made do with a few of his movies...Secret Window and Edward Scissorhands. I'm glad you had a great time!

whosit #4 said...

ahhh vicky...
your pictures make my heart ache! haha. really glad you guys had a good time though! i got to see the autographed JD bag at the painting party. veeeeery nice ;)

yes, whosit 1 and i had our own JD party and were thinking of you guys the whole night! (no really, we were up almost all night...)

the unruly people make me sad as well! you should have busted out some kung fu moves and taught a few city slicks a lesson!!!

thanks again for considering bringing the whoosies last night! terribly nice of you and osh. :)

looove chelsea

Osh said...

hi whosies!

Lawgirl said...

WOW-he looks amazing in those pics!! Look at those pecs!! It's great that you did got to see him again!! I bet he really was sad-he seems to wear his heart on his sleeve. I hope it's just a passing thing and nothing major.

I just arrived home from Vegas. I think I had Depp blog withdrawals. I brought my laptop but never used it. We had a great time, Mitch placed 390th out of 2500-no $, but he did well. He took 2nd in a casino poker tournament.

Take care everyone.

whosit1cassie said...

Hola Osh! *waves*
I totally agree with everything chelsea said. And I also want to thank you and vicki for even considering taking us along on your adventure to Chicago, it really meant a lot, and if not for the curfew thing we soooooooo would have been there. I guess it wasn't meant to be...sigh...

Osh said...

the whosies never come to my blog.

-Sir Jack said...

Vix baby!! You scored again love!! Kudos to you and your crew!! Thanks for wearing the ping-guin to Kurth's love, I feel like you took me with you!!!!!!!! *smiles*

-Sir Jack said...

Blazn' your new pix look great. Oshy, how does that bug spray taste? LOL

Blaznfire911 said...

Tamara - HELLO!!!

I will definatley visit your site in the near future, and leave youa comment. It is wonderful to know that there are so many JD fans around, from all over the world. I hope my Spanish was right. i wasn't even sure that it was Spanish you were talking, but that's all i could come up with!

Thanks for visiting my site, and giving credit to the photographers. Some places don't. Thanks love!!

Whoosies - You guys crack me up! It is a good thing you didn't come down last night. it was chaos. I even lost Osh and Evan a few times. I would have hated if we lost you guys in the crowd. There were so many people!! I heard a few tiems from the crew that kids needed to be with a parent, or they had to leave. So I am glad that you guys stayed home....well kinda.....would have been nice for you to meet JD and come with us....but wouldn't want to get you in trouble! Glad you had a good JD movie night!

Osh - I put your pics up there! Happy now????LOL

Rachel - I will get some more JD pics together in a few days. I am soooo tired right now!

Calypso - Even though I would LOVE to see JD again, I just don't think I want to go to Chicago. The people there were insane!!!

jack - What can I say love. I rocked out in the shirt...just for you!!!!!!


Blaznfire911 said...

Oh and Tamara......feel free to take the pics for your site if you would like!


Cybermom said...

So you're not up for anymore Chicago adventures? What about Thursday night? I was thinking about going, you know with all your fun and crutches under the wheels kinda thing...ha ha...

Your post was hilarious, and how cool is it that Tamara posted on your blog. U R FAMOUS!!!
Miss talking to my British friend!
Hope you are well rested! I know you must've had some H0T dreams after seeing how yummy JD looks!


Blaznfire911 said...

Well I MIGHT be up for it. i don't work on Friday, but I am soooo not driving myself down there! i am not sure my hubby would like it too much, and I am so tired. Gimmie a couple days to think about it! I'll call you tomorrow.....I'm soooo tired right now! LOL

Osh said...

Movie Star Wife wants to go on Thursday as well...ahhhhh I heard they were day shoots...I also have a 1-3 appointment...
I don't know if I would take Evan again...I just don't. I had the feeling on another message board I was being told we had enough time already.

I need to know soon though...oh lord.

Tamara said...

Awww thank you Dearie!
is a pleasure to visit your blog

by the way, about the pictures
Johnny looks more young than ever
what is the secret?
he drinks something for get it? :P

Hey Vicky I want you know that here in chile
are so many Johnny Depp fans!, he is very famous here :D
I hope that someday he visits Chile

thanks for reply

Blaznfire911 said...

Osh - OMG I was thinking the same thing! I just don't know. I prob will though LOL.

I don't care what other people have to say. I think JD knew who I was last night, and felt bad about it....but then again it is prob just my mind playing tricks on me.

Did you know that there were two drive by shootings near base camp last night??? I would NOT take Evan is too scary down there!!!


Blaznfire911 said...


Hello! It is so nice to know that there are so many JD fans!!

I thought he looked young as well last night, although he seemed a bit tired. I bet he would feel tired after a long day at work!

He was respectful, and gracious as always though. he ALWAYS takes his time to meet his fans, and we LOVE him for it!!!

Despite some problems last night we had a GREAT time! Apparently some people said there were no problems at all last night, but then again...maybe they did not see what I saw.


Osh said...

always different perspectives Vix!

Tamara said...

must be great to know him in person
I don't know how I react if I see him!
I had the chance to meet famous people
such as group Coldplay
they came to Chile last year
and I meet their members
it was fantastic!

I imagine that meet Johnny should be fantastic
and unique experience, there is no doubt it!

how is he?
apart from being nice and friendly with their fans
Is it taller or shorter? awww is that so many things come to my mind with the fact that I can to write someone who has tended the opportunity to know him
is exciting!

sorry if I'd been commented in your site so many times
but all this is wonderful!
I don't know what to do if cry or laught when I read experiences of JD fans,like you!
really I'm so happy for you!


shakenbsis said...

Hi Tamara!!!

I tried to post on your blog to thank you for posting our pics, but could not figure it out! ; )

You did a marvelous job, thanks!

Hey Doc! You guys were sooo funny this morning, I'm sooo glad you stopepd at Suz's to fill us in ; )

Hope you've caught up on your sleep, I'm getting ready to do the same, RIGHT NOW!!!

Blaznfire911 said...

Well my sleep schedule is all off Shakes, so I am still up and it is 2am!!!!!! OMG!!! Now I wish I would have stayed a bit longer to hi to suz! LOL

it was nice to see you this AM, and thanks for being so nice as to let us in, and use the potty! LOL

What a crazy night it was!


Blaznfire911 said...

Hi Tamara!

Well as for meeting Johnny....

I will write up a blog within the next few days on my personal experiences with the man. but for now, i will tell you this...

He is VERY charming, and polite to all his fans, no matter what time of the day it is! When I first met him, I thought he was going to be short, but to me he is perfect. Everyone tlaks about how short he really is, and I don't think so at all. He is just wonderful!

he has a very soft voice, and to mehe has a bit of a British accent. maybe that is just me. He always looks you in the eyes when he is talking to you, and loves children!

When I first met him, I was shocked. it all really happens so fast when he is at his meet and greets, and I was just grateful to be there.

I'll post a comment on your website if I can figure it out. i am not too good at Spanish, so I will try it out.


Osh said...

Tamara, I agree with son had some wonderful encounters with Johnny (over on my blog) you may use any pics you like if you credit or link back to me...
Mr Depp, when he has the time, treats you like you are the only person there out of thousands...he looks in your eyes and everybody else melts away...I think he really enjoys talking to us in a less crazy environment than Chicago...for the 3 or more minutes he is with you, he is with you, physically and emotionally.

Vix...I'm going to see if I can't push the meeting on Thursday up sooner or change it to Friday. JUST IN CASE.

Rachel Judge said...

I sent you a second invite just incase things didn't make it through. I would hate for all that hotness to not make it to your inbox. Maybe your junk mail?

Anyway, keep me posted on the Wenham hotnesses arrival.

Blaznfire911 said...

LMAO RACHEL!!! I got it! I will look at it later today since life is calling me away from the internet for a while. No one's gonna live long if I don't get food for us to eat!

Osh - I can only go down on Thursday night, not during the I have NO IDEA what's going to happen.


Angel said...

My thought after reading about the chicago near drive-by shooting was that someone should get intouch with Johnny's real agent and try to set up a meeting in say Columbus at the Kurth for Johnny to come on a day (Invitation Only) to meet his true fans from Wisconsin. Then he can spend more time with all the people who truly love him. I know he would probably have to do this type of thing all around the country after word gets out but what's a couple days out of his busy schedule.

Rachel Judge said...

Angel.. that is the best idea I have heard in along time.

Although can you imagine the massive amounts of screaming teenage girls that would be standing outside. Uhhh my head is pounding just thinking about it :)

Angel said...

Not if the only people who knew he was coming were those with invitations. Evil Laugh ;)

Blaznfire911 said...

LOL I agree Rachel! Too many screaming fans for me! Although, the people in Columbus were VERY nice, and maybe it wouldn't bad.

It's a GREAT idea Rachel! Maybe we should try it?

You never know LOL

Blaznfire911 said...

LMAO Angel

*evil grins you right back*

Tamara said...

Hi Osh!
how are you?

Today I upload ones of your pictures of Johnny
and I give you credits.

I hope that you visit my fotolog
and read message that I wrote in English for you, Vicky and Shaken!

Vicky Read my Message!



Blaznfire911 said...


I read your message, and it was soooo nice! Send me an email ok?

I have a question for you, and also I tried to leave a comment on your blog, but it didn't work. I think it was because it was in English. Is that Spanish you are speaking, or something else?

Thank you for the comments on your blog. You can post my pictures if you want as well.


Blaznfire911 said...


I left a message on your blog in the best Spanish I could do! i want to leave you a message in English that is longer, but it wont let me. I am sorry.

Send me an email, and maybe you could translate it for the people on your website!


Tamara said...

is Spanish that I speak :P

Do you have a hotmail account?
so we can speak more easily
and add you in my Messenger and start a chat

sorry but sometimes my english is really awful
I hope that you understand

I speak spanish!!! >.<

Tamara said...

hey hey hey!
I read you message in my fotolog!
and don't worry I understand that you write in it

I never thought that someone that speak english could write in spanish is so great and fun


Blaznfire911 said...

Your welcome Tamara!

I wanted to write something longer, but I couldn't LOL

I do not have a hotmail account, but like I said...gimmie your email, or write to me so I can leave you a proper message that maybe you could translate for me.

Your English is just fine !!


Tamara said...

Well, I give you my E-mail

now I have to go
we are in contact vicky!

bye! ;D

Blaznfire911 said...

Thanks Tamara. I enjoyed looking at your blog. I can read some of it. I thought i WAS gonna die the first time i met him. I was totally nuts! LOL


Anonymous said...

I am new at all this computer stuff so bear with me. I took my entire family to Chicago to find JD on Friday night. We got there at about 10ish and walked by an old car, the trucks and went up to the extras to talk to them. As we were talking, a group of people were walking down the sidewalk. My family and friends all looked, we stared our eyes not believing what we saw, and my husband said "Isn't that him?". OH MY GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!We are a couple of feet behind JOHNNY!!!!!!!!! That is the beginning of our story. For now I want to jump to the end. JD comes out and pushing and rudeness did occur. The fans that stood there all night respectfully got shoved and pushed out because it seemed that once he started filming the scenes in the car that all the drunk people coming out from who knows where joined us. I had small ones with and said to mostly women "please don"t push, I have a little one in my arms". One man said, "I'm sorry". Another very tall man with a hat actually stood by me and made sure my child and I didn't get bumped. I thanked him like crazy. The reason I am writing this is I agree with a lot of what you said. We saw Johnny in Aurora in April. We stood from 4am till midnight. He came out and people were quiet and soft and respectful and there were tons more people there. He did seem much happier there, not as rushed. I felt so sorry for him in Chicago. Security was horrible! Why could I be standing by the door that he would be walking out of? Why all night could people be walking under police tape to cross the driveway to where he was walking to his trailer? I am thankful for our experience and so grateful that my whole family got to at least see him this time but not at all happy how some of the people acted in the crowd. Some of my family who waited all night and were very young got pretty much shoved out and that makes me very sad. Now to Johnny, thanks for being so wonderful even though some people weren't so nice.He is so beautiful!!!!!!!!

Blaznfire911 said...

Anonomyus 11;51: Thank you for your comments. I was a bit worried about posting the fact that some people were being rude. There were a lot of patient people down there, and I think that over all most people were respectful. it was all the drunks we had to worry about! Johnny did seem very tired, and rushed, but gracious as always. I am glad you got to see him again!

I was standing at the fence when someone pushed myself, and my friend Osh, and I think I bumped into a little girl. I felt SO BAD!!! I hope that it wasn't your daughter! If it was, I am so sorry. It was just chaotic down there. Hopefully, if I go on Thursday, it wont be as bad.

Thanks again for visiting my site!


Cybermom said...

what a wonderful story you shared and it was very funny! With or without sleep! It was as if I was in the car with ya!

It's really cool that Tamara is sharing this experience in Chile! How small this world has become!

Awesome pics, Doc! You rock!!!

Blaznfire911 said...

Hi Peg!

OMG I was so tired when I wrote it. I have been back through it today, and written some more...changed a bit....and added pics LOL

I was gonna call you but I ave soooo many things to do. I am going to try to get off of work for Thursday. Or come down afterwards....not sure yet.

Osh said...

I cleared my schedule on Thursday...
I sent you an email with my plan, I hope it arrives in time.

Anonymous said...

Remember I'm new at this computer stuff. My teen is trying to help me. Thanks for your kind words. I think I recognized your penguin shirt from Friday night. I would love to have 2 of your pictures(they have my family in them) if I could. Today I saw they wanted a phoneman extra, that is what my family member is. So he sent his info, but no response. It is nice that you all seem to help each other. I was worried the whole time that Johnny would think what kind of mother would have her kids out in Chicago all night long?! He said "Hi Sweetie" to my little one, I just stood there like an idiot this time, like I was in shock. In
Aurora, I spoke and cried and thanked. This time I froze.

Jenny said...

Vicky! You funnay!

Blaznfire911 said...

Hi Jenny! LMAO.... I try!

Anon 12:15 - Send me an email at, and let me know what pics you want.

I am more than happy to help out!

I know what you mean about "freezing" up in front of Mr. Depp. He is so kind to everyone, and the first time I met him....I froze. The 2nd time, I talked like a babbling idiot, and this last time...i was quiet, and tried to be respectful about asking for a picture. There were so many people there, he just didn't have the time, and I felt a bit bad for the guy.

Shoot me an email ok!