Saturday, June 14, 2008

PE aftermath.....what is wrong with people????

Sorry guys....I am on my soap box today!! (Kind of a long blog, but I feel very strongly on the subject now!)

I would not have blogged about this at all if it hadn't of been for my own personal experience!! You just don't know how things are effect you until it happens!

This blog is not meant to upset anyone, and is NOT directed at anyone.....just the tabloids in general!

In the afterglow of my Johnny Depp experience, I find myself a little tired. I must confess that staying out all night Thrusday, and then part of the night 2 days in a row has taken its toll. Now don't get me wrong, I would not have changed any of it for the world.

Since Tuesday, I have recieved 437 emails requesting information on the movie, and photos. Firstly, I would like to thank everyone for taking an interest in my blog, the public enemies movie, and Johnny. Secondly, I just simply cannot reply to everyone, and I am truly sorry. Please do not feel offended if I do not email you back.

As for photo requests. I am glad to send photos to my friends who request them, but due to recent circumstances I cannot send them to people whom I do not know. Again, please do not be offended. It came to my attention this morning, that some of the pictures that I have posted over the past few days have found their way into tabloid magazines overseas. I do not condone, nor read, the stuff that gets put into these magazines. They are designed to be hurtful, and are a waste of time! For that reason, I have had to "copywrite" some of my pictures. I do not want to see them end up causing any problems for the people that I admire so much! Take Perez Hilton's comments about Johnny from is apphauling to me that someone can take an innocent picture of someone meeting fans, and turn it into something malicious!

Johnny has been nothing but kind, and patient with his fans since day one. He is respectful, and always takes his time to meet with his fans. (and trust me....he has a lot of them!)

It was posted a few days ago on a website (that I will not name) that Milwaukee fans went 'crazy' after filming, and ran across a five lane highway to get a picture of JD. This is not the case. The street was closed, and there was no danger to pedestrians. Yes, people did walk over to the film site to get a picture, but no one stopped them. Not even the crew. It is sad when some people just write about what their version of the truth is, and people actually believe that it happened. That is what tabloid journalism is all about. If they print it, people believe that it is true. (some people anyway) And that is scary!

Actors, and stars, are people just like us. They deserve the privacy that we all hold dear to us. When magazines and newspapers start printing photos, and stories, that have no basis in real can hurt that person....their relationships.....and their life. ( I am not trying to offend ANYONE...please understand that!) I understand that movie stars, etc, have to deal with this on a daily basis, and that most of them are used to it. But they shouldn't have to be used to it. It shouldn't happen at all....but it seems that some people only read the so called "rumors", and "scandals" that get printed. It is all so confusing, and sad, for me that these people are taken advantage of after doing a nice thing for their fans.

Side note: Of the 437 emails I have gotten, I did read one that caught my attention. It went something like this: "Since you have been down at the Public Enemies filming this past week, I have been reading your blog, plus the ones over on PEC. I was wondering what possesed you to stand outside during a tornado warning to see Johnny Depp? I do not mean anything bad by this, just do you not see the craziness in the idea? You would risk your life to see a movie star? Even after you already saw him once? Is it not enough that you got to see him before? can you not let others have a chance to meet him?"

I decided NOT to email the person back, but to post my response here:

On the day in question, there was no harm to anyone. We were all perfectly safe, and did take shelter when we were told to. Being down at the Public Enemies filming is not all about Johnny Depp. Of course, it is wonderful to meet him and speak with him, but it also a joy just to be a part of something special. I have met so many new friends, and have had a blast the past 4 times I have watched the filming. Public Enemies has brought a lot of people together, and gotten us through some tough times over the past few weeks. It gives us all something to chat about, laugh about, and dream about. Movie making is fascinating to me, so I go to see the crew, the production, and the work that goes into making a movie. I never realized all the work that goes into making a movie, and how expensive it must be. As a friend of mine stated so elequently...."I will never grumble about how much a movie ticket costs ever again!" If I had a chance to pick my career over again, I would have chosen to be part of the movie industry. ( I wish!)

I will post some more Johnny pics tomorrow...if I muster up the courage!

*I am getting off my soap box now* - Sorry if I upset anyone! Wasn't meant to do that!


On a happier note: I thought you might like to see some pictures of my cat. She must have been VERY thirsty!

My cat Louise.....sitting in the water dish!

She see's me coming.....

Thank you mommy!!


Rachel Judge :) said...

Awesome post girl! People just don't get it and I agree with the tabloid commentary. They are horrible people who try to destroy rather than build up!!

You go girl!

Blaznfire911 said...

LOl rachel thanks!!

I just hope people don't get upset with me LOL

it wasn't meant to offend anyone.


Osh said...

amen seester!
I believe it was the same website I had to make a similar post about "stalking"

some people are idiots.

Blaznfire911 said...

More than likely Osh!

The thing on perez hilton sent me over the edge....don't know why, but it did.



Rachel Judge :) said...

Hey girl.. I hooked ya up with my blog. I have to finish up my version of "Depp effect" yet but come on over and join the fun.

shakenbsis said...

No hate here, only love to you from me!!!!

Blaznfire911 said...

Awwwwwww thanks!


Lotus said...

Blazn, have to tell you I read your blog and then went to see what p.h. had to say. I've never read his blog before and never will again, but I wondered what all the fuss was about. I can tell you why he sent you over the edge. JD is nice to fans, you are nice to people, and p.h. is, shall we say, not nice. (p.h. = piss head)

Anyway, don't worry about offending anyone. As my dear departed mother always told me, "Honey, if everybody likes you your doing something WRONG!" Which simply means, be yourself and tell it like you see it, and if people get upset then that's their problem to deal with. YOU GO GIRL!!!

Plus, I read some of the comments on p.h.'s blog and had to laugh. Because, hey, what the hell has that guy got to talk about? As my daddy says, "He's as useless as tits on a bull!"

Angel said...

I agree 100% with your commentary. I have never had this happen to me because I am new to taking pictures but if the ones I took of JD ever turned up in a tabloid I would be totally devastated. I was so happy I got to touch JD on my birthday when he came to Oshkosh I will die a happy women in about 40 or so years. I have no way to top that birthday. It was awesome. Keep up going to the filming if you can fit it in your schedule. IF I could have fit it in my schedule I would have been right there with you in Milwaukee. I have been reading Rod's blog since the filming was in oshkosh and with recent events decided to voice my thoughts to all of you. I am living through your accounts and my own memories.

shakenbsis said...

Hello Angel! ; )

Angel said...

Hello shakenbis ;)

calypso said...

Vicky, hang in there!!

I left you a little note over at Minxie's tonight...thought you might be hanging around there.

cranky anonymous said...

*standing ovation for vicky*

You tell 'em girlfriend!

As I've discussed with friends before, most people suck. They just do.

But the good ones always find each other, and it's almost always through the most unusual ways. :)

Blaznfire911 said...

Thanks guys!

Nice to see all of you on here!

Thanks for all your kind words!


Anonymous said...

Don't worry about those morons. It is so funny how they twist everything around. We are standing in the rain and that turns into us risking our lives. There were no tornadoes, just a little lighting in the distance. It's not like we were standing in a field holding onto big metal poles.

People just don't understand how fun the whole experience is. It's just too bad that so many people are mean spirited. You are a great person, who just wanted to share her joy. Ignor them!

Lawgirl said...

I was the one that posted that last post-I don't know why it says anonymous.


Blaznfire911 said...

LOL Tiffany!

Thanks! I'm glad I got to meet you!


Rachel Judge :) said...

We are creative people. I'm sure we could write up something nice about Perez :)

Blaznfire911 said...

LMAO Rachel....I think I could come up for a few "choice" words!

shakenbsis said...

Hire Louise, she is creative! LOL! I love how she tells her momma she needs a drink!!!!!