Monday, June 16, 2008

Our resident Captain Jack Sparrow!

Over the past few weeks, I have met some wonderful people through the PEC blog! I had the worst day ever today, and when I got home I was prepared to work on my PE video. What I did not expect to find was a video of a different nature!

A few weeks ago, while hanging around on Minxie's blog:
I ran across a pirate! A real live pirate! His name, believe it or not, is Captain jack! He made his initial appearance into the blogspot world over on PEC, but his true heart reamins with Minxie! They are such a bunch of characters, and it is a joy to speak with them each day!

Today, whilst searching my archive of Johnny Depp photos to post, I saw another blogger pirate "AKA Sir Jack" , comment on this video. I rushed over to Captain Jack's blog to see what all the fuss was about. Now, I am a fan for life!

Captain Jack is a Jack Sparrow/Johnny Depp impersonator, and he does a GREAT job at it! My hubby, who is not a major fan of the pirates movies (shame on him!), also commented on how good he thought Captain Jack did as well.....Captain Jack!

I would highly suggest going over to his blog to watch the video!

I have never seen anything quite like it, and after a horrible day...I can't wipe the smile off my face!!!

Thank you Captain Jack!!


CaptainJack said...

Vicky, yer a love. :) Thanks so much for the kind words! I'm glad I could help make a sorry day a little brighter for someone - that's what its all about!

*leaves you a full bottle of rum on his way out!*

-The Captain

Blaznfire911 said...

Awww thanks captain!

You're always welcome here, and I LOVE the video!

Thanks for the rum mate!



~Minxie~ said...

Vicky!!!!! What a great blog!!!! What a doll you are!!!! I just want to come thru the screen and hug you!!!! Consider yourself hugged!!! :D

I enjoy our time together on the blog!!! YOU ROCK!!!!

Rachel Judge :) said...

So, how are we going to get Minxie to come on out to Wisconsin for a visit ??

Ahhh yes, bribe her with rum and cheese curds :)

shakenbsis said...

Sounds like a plan Rachel! Vicky, thanks for posting that, I hadn't seen it yet!!! Wonderful... Now i've got to add the Captain to my feed!

Blaznfire911 said...

He is such a great guy, and a GREAT Captain Jack! I love his little "stop filming me" at the end....he sounds just like him!!


shakenbsis said...

Hey Vicky!
Check this out!
Have you seen it already?

stargazer said...

Hey Vicky
Ya gotta love Captain Jack. And your personal Captain Jack is awesome.

Sure is going to boring not being able to follow JD around. Must move on to real life now I guess.

Just wanted to say HI


Cybermom said...

OMG, Vick you're famous! I saw you on that site Shaken shared!
And Shaken, I'm not up on my spanish, but it looks like they at least credited where they stole the pics from!

Great blog today! Captain Jack, you are amazing! Glad to know we have a place to go when we need our fix of Captain Jack!

shakenbsis said...

Yeah, I saw the credit and at at least sound like thay said positive things! My Spanish is rusty and I'm not for sure it may have even been Portugese... It sounded jsut a bit off (maybe Castillian Spanish?)

Cybermom said...

It said Chile on one of the pages...Did you check out the other site posted by So Johnny?
They are keeping tabs on JD on a daily basis! Geeeeez I thought we were bad! hee hee!

Blaznfire911 said...


This is the 5th magazine to take photos, but the ONLY ONE...that credited. Now I will have to write something nice.


Blaznfire911 said...

Hello stargazer... I saw you....I am sooo busy right now LOL

I'm famous ya know LMAO

I'm just sitting back and waiting for the endorsement deals to roll in! HA HA HA!

My Spanish is rusty as well, but my friend speaks Spanish, and she says it is all nice. It just talks about how he signed autographs, and then comments on the blogs where the pics were taken from. nothing bad.

There is also a bit on Shakes....about how she doesn't know your name, but your pictures and story was wonderful! Awwwww

Rachel Judge said...

I feel honored you guys talk to me. I forgot to tell shakes that on my Google Update on JD the other day her blog was featured as one of the links on the Depp effect.

So, since I haven't gotten JD's autograph... can I get one of you guy's ??? HAHAHA!!


The Judge (as Lotus so lovingly calls me)

Blaznfire911 said...

I'll give you my autogrpah...who knows it could actually be worth something someday LOL

shakenbsis said...

He He... this is all way too funny! and kinda sweet... Glad to know that my Spanish is still ok, that's kinda what Ithoght It said!

I do autographs... LOL!