Monday, January 26, 2009

Movies about John Dillinger

So one day I sat down, and took a look at all the movies made about John Dillinger. I thought you might like to see some as well. There have been several movies filmed about the man throughout the years....

Here are just a few to share with you!


**This next video contains strong violence**

You can view the entire 1973 Dillinger movie on you tube. It's just in several different parts. This was just a glimpse ;)

1991 DILLINGER (Sorry, I couldn't find one without subtitles)

And finally...THE LADY IN RED

** Here is a link to that video. I did not want to post the actual video on the blog. Be fore warned...contains nudity and violence **

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Hey...........Nice "Rack" !!

This past Sunday, I attended the annual Samson Stomp and Romp Race through the Milwaukee zoo! It was so much fun! Cold yes.....but fun all the same! It's a race that benefits the animals at the zoo, and is named after the zoo's most beloved Gorilla, Samson. Hundreds of people turned out for the races. I opted to do the 2 mile walk instead....I'm not too much into the running thing. There was even a 1/4 mile run for the kids! Check them out!

We got our packets of info, our zoo shirts, and we were off!!

Along the 2 mile trail, we came across some Gorilla cheerleaders! My friend Donna and I got a little lost, so in order to find our way back to the trail, I yell "Hey...monkey man....can you point us in the right direction?"
Well, after I was told "I am not a monkey, I am a gorilla", and some joking around (and a little hug and pose) we got back to the walk.

It was pretty slushy around the zoo paths....a lot of slipping and sliding, but boy did we have a great time! I would highly reccomend this to all! I think the fact that it was so cold outside, made all the more fun! After all, it IS Wisconsin!

We were pretty slow on the walk, mainly due to me stopping to take pictures of all the animals, and my Donna yelling at me to keep up. We didn't want to be the last ones to the finish line. So, we jogged up ahead of the couple in front of us, and made it safely back to the penguins! (Did I mention that the Penguins are pretty smelly?) We missed all the food that they were handing out, so decided to go grab a peek at the Gorillas! I love those Gorillas! Everytime a child would come up to the enclosure, the BIG male would pop his head up to take a little look at the small person in front of him.

Here are some pictures from the zoo that day!

Donna and I (See the Polar Bear?)
Here he is!!
Even the Sea Lions were out having a good time!

Carribou must LOVE this weather!
The Peacocks, however, don't! They were all huddled together!

Not sure if these are Llamas, or Alpacas...they were too busy eating for me to ask them!
Ever seen a camel in the snow?
The sheep were out sunning themselves!
Thanks for coming with me on my visit to the zoo! See ya next post!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Samson Stomp and Romp!

Here's a link for my Public Enemies video if you haven't seen it yet...


*Photo from Milwauke County Zoo Stomp and Romp

This Sunday the 18th, The Milwaukee County Zoo is putting on their annual 5Krun/walk through the zoo. It's a great benefit for the animals. I know it will be cold outside, but's Wisconsin...and it's fun!

You can sign up online for $17 which includes admission, parking, and a long sleeved t-shirt.

For more info, or to sign up, go here:

They even have a short 1/4 mile walk for the kids! I'll be there for sure, and I will take some photos for everyone to see!!

Gotta love the animals! :)

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

My Public Enemies Video!!

Well, here we are. Another start to another year. I can't think of a better way to start 2009, than a look back at 2008. It was, for me, a smashing year! I got to meet new friends, travel the midwest, and meet a man named Johnny Depp.

I have put together a small fan video of Public Enemies for you all to enjoy. (Okay, I don't like to use the word "fan" about appreciation video? Okay? Good!) It is a collection of photos from different stages of filming, and some good old fashioned road trip fun! Now, I am not a video maker by any means, so sorry for the shoddy graphics LOL

The video is 10 minutes long, but worth the watch, I think. It is split into 3 sections. 1.) Different filming sites, and friends. 2.) Meeting Johnny Depp, and John Michael Bolger 3.) Shots from between scenes

I picked 3 songs that I thought John Dillinger would like. ( I know I do) Some day soon, I will tell you my personal opinion on the bank robber himself. (It might be a bit long winded lol)

For now....I give you .....the video...
*If for some reason the video does not appear, or loads slowly, try back later. But please let me know if it is not working.


Credits for photography to: Rod from, Michelle Martin photography, Colleen, Betty, Minxie, Jenny, Rachel, Betty, Peg, Tiffany, Marcella,

Also a HUGE "shout out" to all the fans of David Wenham who have emailed me, and sent me pictures, over the summer!!

*Some photos used in this video were emailed to me, and I can't remember who sent them. Others were from various blogs. I am sorry for any photos that were used without the proper credit.

Sunday, January 4, 2009

My Top Ten movies for 2009

I think that 2009 is going to be the year for some mega blockbuster action!

Here's my Top Ten picks of movies I want to see coming this year:

1.) PUBLIC ENEMIES Release Date: July

**Public Enemies is the 2nd most anticipated movie of 2009, according to The Times Online. Second only to the 6th installment of Harry Potter. You can read a complete list here:<>

Both movies will debut within the same month.


**I don't think I need to explain this one lol

3.) ANGELS AND DEMONS Release Date: May

** The second movie from the author of The Davinci Code, Dan Brown

4.) MONSTERS VS ALIENS Release Date: April

** One of the animated movies to watch out for


**Heath Ledger's last film

6.) UNDERWORLD 3: RISE OF THE LYCANS Release Date: January

** The trilogy of vampires vs werewolves is complete

Release Date: July

**This is one of the greatest animated movies ever


**Loved the first one, this one will be great too!

9.) PINK PANTHER 2 Release Date: February

**Don't ask me any questions

10.) CORALINE Release Date: May

**A nice clay animation film

There were several other movies I want to see, but had to be cut from the top ten: Terminator Salvation, X-men: Origins, Star Trek, Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen, The Taking of Pelham 123

So what do you guys want to see this year?