Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Hey...........Nice "Rack" !!

This past Sunday, I attended the annual Samson Stomp and Romp Race through the Milwaukee zoo! It was so much fun! Cold yes.....but fun all the same! It's a race that benefits the animals at the zoo, and is named after the zoo's most beloved Gorilla, Samson. Hundreds of people turned out for the races. I opted to do the 2 mile walk instead....I'm not too much into the running thing. There was even a 1/4 mile run for the kids! Check them out!

We got our packets of info, our zoo shirts, and we were off!!

Along the 2 mile trail, we came across some Gorilla cheerleaders! My friend Donna and I got a little lost, so in order to find our way back to the trail, I yell "Hey...monkey man....can you point us in the right direction?"
Well, after I was told "I am not a monkey, I am a gorilla", and some joking around (and a little hug and pose) we got back to the walk.

It was pretty slushy around the zoo paths....a lot of slipping and sliding, but boy did we have a great time! I would highly reccomend this to all! I think the fact that it was so cold outside, made all the more fun! After all, it IS Wisconsin!

We were pretty slow on the walk, mainly due to me stopping to take pictures of all the animals, and my Donna yelling at me to keep up. We didn't want to be the last ones to the finish line. So, we jogged up ahead of the couple in front of us, and made it safely back to the penguins! (Did I mention that the Penguins are pretty smelly?) We missed all the food that they were handing out, so decided to go grab a peek at the Gorillas! I love those Gorillas! Everytime a child would come up to the enclosure, the BIG male would pop his head up to take a little look at the small person in front of him.

Here are some pictures from the zoo that day!

Donna and I (See the Polar Bear?)
Here he is!!
Even the Sea Lions were out having a good time!

Carribou must LOVE this weather!
The Peacocks, however, don't! They were all huddled together!

Not sure if these are Llamas, or Alpacas...they were too busy eating for me to ask them!
Ever seen a camel in the snow?
The sheep were out sunning themselves!
Thanks for coming with me on my visit to the zoo! See ya next post!


Judge said...

I heart the zoo! I love the big gorilla too! Did you give the orangutans some love from me?

Big hugs,


Blaznfire911 said...

LOL! Sadly, I did not get to see the Orangutans on Sunday! They were not out in the primate house :(

Told the big gorilla to pass on the love!

-Sir Jack said...

Hey, you got some BIG lovin' from that monkey man!! LMAO!!!!

Great pix Vix!! Looks like you and Donna had a good time running, stopping, running, photo shooting, running...etc. Thanks for sharing...and for the rack!!!! LOL

dj said...

Oh that looks like FUN!! i LOVE the Zoo and I haven't been to the Milwaukee Zoo for quite a long time--or ANY Zoo for that matter!

I like your pictures!! :)