Sunday, August 24, 2008

In the Spirit of the Olympics!

This is Paul Hunt.....well......kind of. Just something funny to watch, and yet very technical! He is a great gymnist, and comedian! Enjoy!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Public Enemies and Harry Potter will duke it out in July!


I am a major Harry Potter fan, as many of you know. Not only do I think that J.K. Rowling wrote the most amazing set of books, but the movies have captavated audiences everywhere. To me, the books seem to have really taught children around the world that there is a lot more to life than just watching the tv.

I've been following the making of the Public Enemies movie since March, and met a whole bunch of great people since it all started. (Including Mr. Johnny Depp) It is going to be a GREAT movie...and I can't wait to see it!!

*now correct me on dates if I am wrong*

Harry Potter was set to premier in November, but much to my dissapointment....Warner Bros has pushed the release date back to 7/17/09. This has made a lot of avid Potter fans a bit disgruntled....including me.

July of 2009 is going to be THE month for movies for sure! Public Enemies has a tenative release date of 7/1/09.

So, if 7/1 is the release date for Public Enemies...and 7/17 is the Potter debut....we are going to have one heck of a blockbuster summer!! There is no doubt in my mind that Public Enemies will get some major attention, and even earn some of the actors an oscar nomination....but can it keep up the grosses if Harry Potter comes to the foreground? The time between the 2 movies is just over 2 weeks, and I would love to see Public Enemies claim the #1 spot for longer than that! Now don't get me wrong....I LOVE the Potter films, but Public Enemies holds a special meaning to me, and to a lot of other people!

If release dates change, and the 2 movie release dates end up coinciding with one another.....I have to say Public Enemies will be the movie that I go to see! (Sorry Harry)

What about you guys?

Friday, August 15, 2008

The reason I have so many pets, and the one I lost

**Edited (2nd part never uploaded)

"How come you have so many animals?" This is the question I get asked all the time from clients at work, and people that I meet. It's not a hard question to answer really. I have a soft spot for all animals, especially those in need. Most of my pets have come from similar situations as the following two kitties. All of them, in some way shape or form, have needed help from humans in order to survive.

I want to thank the local humane society for trying to help not only these 2 kittens, but all the pets that go through the shelters on a yearly basis. They really do a lot for the community!

I decided that I would just show the pictures of the 2 kittens we are trying to help at the moment. I was going to write what actually happened to both of them, but decided it was too graphic for the blog. They both need homes through the local animal shelter, but I am not sure when they will actually go up for adoption.

The first kitten is 8 weeks old, and has 2 broken legs. The 2nd Kitten has a sad story, and although it looks like she is in a cast, it is not. It is just a bandage. I would tell you what happened to her, but I think it might be too disturbing for some to read.

This is how I end up with most of my pets. My heart goes out to both the animals, and the people trying to help them. Each of my pets have similar stories, and that is why I cannot say no. However, the Inn is full. And it will be full for some time. If it weren't ful...kitten #2 would be at my house as we speak. I am in love with her! Both of the kittens are purring machines, even though horrible things have happened to them. However, "calle" as we have named her...has a place in my heart forever. She is a wonderful kitty, and even though she is in pain, she wants to snuggle with you, and love you.


I also want to share with you the one pet that I recently lost. I say recent, because the memory of this pet will live forever in my heart. It has been two years now since Sabre passed away, and I think about him all the time. I rescued him in 2006, and he only lived with me for about 3 months. He was an Oriental Shorthair, and I LOVED him! He had a very bad heart problem, and his poor little body could not keep up.

He died 8/14/06 from Congestive heart failure at the age of 2.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

My very first Green Bay Packers game!!

Friday night, I got to attend my very first Packers game ever! I was truly excited, even though I was feeling sickly, even though it was just a preseason game, even though there was no Brett Favre. Perfect weather, although the wind in the stadium did get a bit cooler as the night went on. (Hence me in the sweater...I SWEAR I have the green and gold on underneath!)

We got up to Green bay just after 5pm, and headed off to Kroll's Buger stand where there was a large gathering of fans eating burgers, brats, and listening to music. There was so much traffic everywhere, and the lines for food were just as daunting, so we headed into Lambeau Field. Armed with our tickets, some cushions, a blanket, and our sweaters....we quickly found our seats. WHAT A VIEW!! I had bought the tickets off my boss, who has season tickets, and their seats were 8th row right behind the endzone!!! I was SHOCKED! You could literally reach out, and touch the players as they practiced right before our very eyes. My hubby looked like a kid in a candy shop! He has been to a couple of games before, but NEVER sat this close!

You could tell the fans were tense about seeing the Packers play wihtout Favre. Some were sitting quietly, munching on popcorn. Others were discussing what the Pack could have done to keep Favre. The anticipation was almost too much much for some to bear, as we waited breathlessly to see the first glimpse of our beloved team.

I spent a few years living in Cincinnati, Ohio before moving back to England, then eventually to Wisconsin. So, the Cincinnati Bengals hold a special place in my heart from when I was growing up. It was great to see my 2 favourite teams lined up to battle each other!
The stadium started filling up quickly....from just a few folks watching practice ...... to an entirly full stadium in less than half an hour!

After the national anthem was sang and the "G-Force" Flag was raised, the cheerleaders, and the Tundra band set up to introduce the green Bay Packers to the eager football fans awaiting the season to begin. I was worried that there might be some "booing" going on....with all the drama surrounding the Packers and Brett Favre. However, they were met with a huge round of applause from the crowd!

Then, it was game time. For the first time in Packers history....Aaron Rogers #12, set foot on the field as the team's quarterback. Again, I was nervous that he might get booed....but something happened that I never expected. The crowd got to their feet, and I heard the most MASSIVE applause I have ever heard in my life. They were yelling, and screaming, and clapping...a standing ovation for the new quarterback!! I did my best to scream with the rest of them, but my poor little throat could not keep I whistled instead. I was happy that Aaron Rogers had been met with such love from the fans. It truly goes to show you that Packer's fans are the GREATEST football fans in the world!! We love our team!!

Aaron Rogers did his best. It can't be easy to lead such a great team for the first time, with all the rumors and drama from the past couple of months. He did make 1 interception, but many had Favre had in his career? He did make a great pass to Jones for a touchdown. That got the crowd to their feet...especially seeing Jones rush in for the TD with no helmet on! I would have taken a picture, but I was caught up in the moment. Rogers only played for a quarter, and a half, then it was time for the others to show us what they had! 4th quater....Touchdown again!! But it was not enough to bring the Pack to their first victory of the season, and they fell to the Bengals 17-20.

It was just a preseason game, so I am interested to see how the rest of the year pans out. I hope Aaron Rogers all the best of luck, and the rest of the Pack as well. They are going to show us some great things this year!

Life without Brett take:

Personally, I was dissapointed and upset when I heard that Brett will be playing for another team. My hubby more so than me. He grew up watching that man make history, and now he is gone. The Packers will always be the team for matter who is the quarterback. I don't know exactly who is at fault for what has happened between favre and the Packers...nor do I know if anyone is really at fault at all. I don't really care to know. So I will go on without Favre. The other players are going to show us that it's not just Brett that made the team so much fun to's not just him that held the talent on the team....ALL those players have something to offer, and they are going to prove that to the fans this year!

Life without Brett Favre....from the stadium:

Not everyone in the stadium was happy to see another person at quarterback. There were signs everywhere saying "Fire Thompson", "Bring back Brett", "No Rogers"...the list goes on....But there were signs to the opposite as well. It seems that the fans are divided, but when push comes to shove....they are Packers fans at heart...and will continue to support their team till the very end!

Check out these signs I found around where I was sitting. Look really closely....everything happens so fast when you are at a game.

Will pay 20 million dollars for Ted Thompson to retire (LOL) The one below it says "It's okay Thompson....we all make mistakes...with a bunch of pictures on it I couldn't see.

I bought these tickets to see Chad Johnson (WTH?)

I think this one says ESPN - Eagerly supporting the Packers Nation

I had a great time at the game! Lambeau Field is truly an amazing experience. The atmosphere is intoxicating, and so many people really LOVE this team! I Never realized however, that the team stopped playing every few minutes...and the cheerleaders or band would come out to play. I kept wondering what the heck was going on. Then it came to my attention that they were stopping to take a commercial. A COMMERCIAL!! When did they start doing that?? Here are a few random shots of fans, and the team.

The team sets up for a practice

#80 Donald Driver RIGHT IN FRONT OF ME!!

Aaron Rogers #12...first huddle as the new quarterback for the Packers!

I was too caught up in the moment to get the first Lambeau leap on camera...this is what was left of the group as I struggled around in my purse to find my camera.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

5,000 Calories in 20 minutes!

Well, it's another summer almost over, and another great year for the Wisconsin State Fair. I spent a few days this past week down at the fairgrounds, and as I meandered through the crowds, it dawned on me that there are several things that are certain to happen.

1.) You will always find something to purchase, even if you are out of money, and know you shouldn't buy it.

2.) When you walk past the booths in the expo center, and come across one of those "seen on tv" booths, you are garunteed either a good laugh, or a hard get away. This was my favorite sales guy this year at the fair.
3.) No matter what time of the day you go, there will always be drunk people.

4.) The animals are too cute, and people always flock to the baby animals, making it virtually impossible for you to see them.

5.) Your friends will always want to sit and listen to a band play, no matter how awful or good they are, leaving you to wonder if you should hang around or try to make a mad dash to the bathroom.

6.) The food and drink are always going to be expensive, and you find yourself leaving the fair with about $1 and some change, thinking about things like " I could really use a drink right now, and if I hadn't of had that 4th corndog...I could buy one"

7.) The lines for food are going to be astronomical, especially around Saz's, the cream puff place, and the mini donut stand. (a personal fav)

8.) If you go and play bingo....a few things are going to undoubtably happen. 1.) Someone is going to yell bingo when they don't really have it 2.) Someone walking by will yell bingo just to mess with the crowd 3.) When somebody actually does get bingo, you will hear a loud groaning noise from all the other people around you....followed by a few choice swear words.

9.) You will consume 4 times the amount of calories as any one normal person should eat.

And that brings me to "5,000 calories in 20 minutes"

I had a great time at the fair this year. I went several times, and ate way too much food. Since the fair only comes once a year, I figured...hey, what the heck....I'm going to pig out. Well Friday night was the most disasterous evening I have ever had at the fair. My friends, and I, went crusining the fair after work. I thought it would be a good idea to eat anything that I could find that was made on a stick! Well, the plan started working out well until I realized that I was I had eaten about 40 pounds of cheese in like 20 minutes....and my body just could not keep up. However, I I only comes once a year. What can I say...I had a goal....I had to sample every food that came on a stick. And here we go.....

But not everything that was sampled came on a stick. I endulged in way too much junk food, and even some food that should be healthy for you.....unless it is deep fried!!

Dippin Dots Ice Cream....I LOVE this stuff!!

I was puzzled by the illusive "bacon on a stick". I was told that it was being sold at the fair, but I could not find it anywhere. Is it a myth? All in all, it was another great year at the fair. I even got see some of my winning entries, and check out the last picture...I caught these two pups napping away in one of the booths.

On Friday night, my friends and I listened to this really good band calle "Rhythm Method". They sang virtually anything from oldies to Journey to Queen....they were really good!!!

I find myself today with the dreaded summer cold. So as much as I would like to keep on blogging about my adventures...I'm afraid I will be headed off to bed. Hope you all had a great weekend!!