Tuesday, August 5, 2008

A birthday apology to my furry family!

I was finally able to get some pictures up on blogger today. So this Blog is about...well...my dogs!
It was brought to my attention last night, as I blogged about Lolita, that I neglected to say Happy Birthday to the other pets in the house this year. So as an apology to them....here we go!

I have a lot of animals, and so far...4 of them have had birthdays. First up....Anubis (a.k.a Mr. Big) And no...he is not named for the guy on "sex in the city". When I adopted Anubis, he weighed 12 pounds, and was slightly underweight. He is a big cat in general, but now he weighs 20 pounds!! I am a bad mom :( I have recently put him on a diet, much to his dismay, and he will be reweighed in a few weeks. He has a lot of quirks....first of all he is an all white cat with partial deafness. (and not the selective kind) Some white cats are born like this. He also has 1/4 of a tail. It got kinked, either by a birth defect or accident when he was on the lamb. He was found in a garage, and was covered in dirt and grossness...it was only after the shelter gave him a bath that they found out he was a white cat! He also literally sings for his supper! If you don't feed him at a specific time...you will NOT hear the end of it. Hence the saying in my house....who's in charge here?

Happy Birthday Anubis 1/10/99

Next up on the forgotten birthday list is Louise. She is a sweetie pie for sure! Can't believe I forgot her bday this year! Again, terrible mom. Louise was adopted while my hubby and I were on vacation in Iron Mountain, MI. It was our 1 year anniversary, and we were outside on the dock reading the paper by the river. We came across this page where the cats from the local animal shelter were listed with photos, and we fell in love with her. Next thing you, we were at the shelter, and she was ours. She never utters a peep unless she is in the car. She HATES the car! She loves to snuggle under blankets, and loves her little tree house. She does NOT like her brother, Anubis, one bit! However, I did catch them "sleeping" together the other day. Her other feline brother, Rupert, is a little harder to snap a photo of...so we wont see him for a while LOL

Happy Birthday Louise 1/30/2004

Here are the pair....sleeping the night away

Then we have the captain himself. Captain Spike! He was the only dog that we ever purchased. In fact, I did not purchase him, my hubby did. He is a Rat Terrier, but looks like a Skipperkee. I guess that it is rare that a Rat Terrier would look like this, and it is not a favored color, but we love him anyway. He ADORES Bella, one of my other dogs, and LOVES playing with his ball! If you start playing fetch with him....he WILL NOT STOP! When I first met Spike, I was not actually married to my hubby....I just was just dating him. I had stopped over at his house to take a look at the puppy, and we were going to go out racing cars. ( I know..you don't have to say it LOL) Anyway, I had sat on the couch, and the little "sweety" peed on the back of my head! I was beside myself! Needless to say, 2 weeks later...he got neutered! The ultimate revenge! Now, we are the best of buds!

Happy Birthday Spike 6/24/98

And for the finale of Birthday's .... we have some pics of my little girl...Lolita! No need to say anymore....just look at her....my little little wonderful super smart, and well dressed girl! (And yes...she MIGHT be my fav)

Dog sitting.....get it?


Osh said...

I am laughing out loud for realsies.

Osh said...

ps. I love you!

~Minxie~ said...

How awesome! (and STOP IT! You are NOT a bad mom!!!)

Love the pics..... we should get Mr. Big and my black cat Dartanion together for a photo shoot.... they are both HUGE and the black and white thing would be funny!!!


Robbi said...

You are not a bad Momma!!!!
Your little Fur Family is so Adorable!!!!

I laughed reading the stories of each one....

shakenbsis said...

OMG! LOVE this post (esp that pic of Louise poking her head out the box!)

You're babies are LOVELY, happy birthday to them all ;)

You are a very good pet mommy!!

PS: My friend has a darling little Yorkie who once peedon my foot! That got straightened out rather quickly ;) We are best buds now... I have heard they do this out of jealousy but also sometimes as a way of marking something they consider theirs (don't know if this is true or not!LOL)

Thansk this made me smile, A LOT!

-Sir Jack said...

You're naughty...not bad!! Vixen, you must have the best pet birthday parties, love!! My pets are jealous!!

Great blog, great pets & great pet Mum!! LOL

Sandsitive said...

Great pics! Glad blogger finally let you post them. My fav is Lolita well dressed LOL Loved the stories for each of them. Happy Birthday to them all! :)
You sound like a pretty good pet mommy to me.

Christine said...

OMG ~ this post is way funny!! I love your pet pictures & stories.

Today you gave each one their own space on your blog ~ therefore you are not a bad mama.

Thank you so much for sharing their photos. Happy belated birthday to them.