Sunday, August 10, 2008

5,000 Calories in 20 minutes!

Well, it's another summer almost over, and another great year for the Wisconsin State Fair. I spent a few days this past week down at the fairgrounds, and as I meandered through the crowds, it dawned on me that there are several things that are certain to happen.

1.) You will always find something to purchase, even if you are out of money, and know you shouldn't buy it.

2.) When you walk past the booths in the expo center, and come across one of those "seen on tv" booths, you are garunteed either a good laugh, or a hard get away. This was my favorite sales guy this year at the fair.
3.) No matter what time of the day you go, there will always be drunk people.

4.) The animals are too cute, and people always flock to the baby animals, making it virtually impossible for you to see them.

5.) Your friends will always want to sit and listen to a band play, no matter how awful or good they are, leaving you to wonder if you should hang around or try to make a mad dash to the bathroom.

6.) The food and drink are always going to be expensive, and you find yourself leaving the fair with about $1 and some change, thinking about things like " I could really use a drink right now, and if I hadn't of had that 4th corndog...I could buy one"

7.) The lines for food are going to be astronomical, especially around Saz's, the cream puff place, and the mini donut stand. (a personal fav)

8.) If you go and play bingo....a few things are going to undoubtably happen. 1.) Someone is going to yell bingo when they don't really have it 2.) Someone walking by will yell bingo just to mess with the crowd 3.) When somebody actually does get bingo, you will hear a loud groaning noise from all the other people around you....followed by a few choice swear words.

9.) You will consume 4 times the amount of calories as any one normal person should eat.

And that brings me to "5,000 calories in 20 minutes"

I had a great time at the fair this year. I went several times, and ate way too much food. Since the fair only comes once a year, I figured...hey, what the heck....I'm going to pig out. Well Friday night was the most disasterous evening I have ever had at the fair. My friends, and I, went crusining the fair after work. I thought it would be a good idea to eat anything that I could find that was made on a stick! Well, the plan started working out well until I realized that I was I had eaten about 40 pounds of cheese in like 20 minutes....and my body just could not keep up. However, I I only comes once a year. What can I say...I had a goal....I had to sample every food that came on a stick. And here we go.....

But not everything that was sampled came on a stick. I endulged in way too much junk food, and even some food that should be healthy for you.....unless it is deep fried!!

Dippin Dots Ice Cream....I LOVE this stuff!!

I was puzzled by the illusive "bacon on a stick". I was told that it was being sold at the fair, but I could not find it anywhere. Is it a myth? All in all, it was another great year at the fair. I even got see some of my winning entries, and check out the last picture...I caught these two pups napping away in one of the booths.

On Friday night, my friends and I listened to this really good band calle "Rhythm Method". They sang virtually anything from oldies to Journey to Queen....they were really good!!!

I find myself today with the dreaded summer cold. So as much as I would like to keep on blogging about my adventures...I'm afraid I will be headed off to bed. Hope you all had a great weekend!!


shakenbsis said...

WOW! I'm getting a stomach ache jsut reading your blog! Souds like you had a great time though. ;)

I've got the dreaded summer cold too... ggrrrr...

I missed the fair altogether this year ;( (strange year)

-Sir Jack said...

OMG Vixen! I didn't know there were sooo many things you can eat on a stick. Did they have pizza on a stick?? I haven't had breakfast and now I think I'm going to pass on it...I'm feeling queezy now. LOL

I'm glad you're having fun this summer & won so many ribbons!

I wonder when they will come out with rum on a stick? *smiles*

calypso said...

Hi Blazn'! You sure do get and do fun things girl! It all looks yummy! So how many calories does the stick have? LOL

Hope you're having a great summer so far! See you!

~Minxie~ said...

I can feel the grease hardening my arteries as I type! Oh man, I love the fair food!!!!!

Hope you are feeling better soon love!!!! Take care of you!!!!


Sandsitive said...

These pictures bring back memories of a day filled with high school band and all the junk food that went with it. My fav is the Elephant Ears but I don't think they have them on a stick. Or do they?

Hope you feel better soon....

lawgirl said...

I was at the fair on Friday night, too. We had a good time, but it's a rough place for us vegetarians. I had a veggie wrap, and I found some turkey in it. Don't worry about the calories-you only live once.

I had the cheesecake on a stick last year, and it was phenomenal.

Those scones look awfully good!!

Judge said...

Hey Vix.. hope you feel better. I have never in all my years of living here been to the State Fair. I don't think that I should looking at all that food :)

Robbi said...

I have a Belly Ache!!!!!

OMG!!!!! I can't believe you ate all that Food on a Stick!!!
You Go Girl!!!!!

I love your Blog it is the Best!!!
All the pictures just capture and takes a person with you threw your journey of the fair!!!

Hope you feel better...

lawgirl said...

Feel better!! (I missed the summer cold part of your blog)

Blaznfire911 said...

Thanks guys!! I am still really sick. I have a sinus infection, and bronchitis :(

Went to the doctor today and started antibiotics, but I feel much worse now...yucky.