Sunday, May 18, 2008

From Then to Now

What is a blog? Up until a few months ago I had no idea. My "blogging" experience was limited to fooling around with my friends on myspace, and facebook. Of course, it was mainly a way to make people laugh, or to vent my frustrations on the day to day comings and goings of my life. I rarely used it, and eventually lost all interest in it. Earlier this year, I was reading the paper, and saw that a movie called Public Enemies would be filming in Wisconsin. Not only would this movie be starring Johnny Depp, but it would be holding casting calls for extras in Milwaukee. I thought to myself....What a great oppurtunity for not only me, but for the people of Wisconsin. There hasn't been a blockbuster movie filmed in Wisconsin for quite sometime (with the exception of Mr. 3000). I planned on trying out for one of the extra parts, but I was nervous about what the audition would be like. The casting agency had already held auditions in other parts of the state. I decided to do some research online to see if anyone could tell me what it had been like for them. I came across a blog written by a nice man who explained, in depth, what he had been through in Madison for the casting call. It made me feel much better about going down to try out. (More about that in a later blog)

I have been back everyday to read his blog since March, and met a lot of wondeful people through the site. In fact, If it were not for that blog, I would never have been given the oppurtunity to watch the filming for public enemies, and to finally meet Johnny Depp. However, that is not the reason I decided to start my own blog. I believe that the purpose of this generous man's blog was to inform and entertain, and that is what I wish to do. I enjoyed reading his blog so much, that I wanted to write my own thoughts down to share with everyone.....regardless if anyone actually reads it. It is an outlet to vent, entertain, inform, peak interest, and to help others.

Thank you to Rod.....and everyone over at PECB!!!!

When I started reading blogs, I never had the intention of starting my own. I find myself now addicted, and wanting to write all the time. I love writing, and I have a new found respect for it.


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