Monday, May 26, 2008

When pirates ruled the world!

Last summer, everyone where I work was invited to go on a pirate cruise. It was a 3 hour cruise around Lake Pewaukee, about 10 minutes from my house. Of course I said yes! A friend and I spent about 2 weeks working on the best costumes we could come up with for cheap, instead of buying one from a costume store. We searched through goodwill, vintage shops, and our own closets. We bought materials to sew onto vests, and belts....hats, and boots. We changed our minds so often that I didn't think we'd get it done on time. My friend Sylvia came through in a flash, and spent a lot of time on our costumes for the cruise. She did a great job. There was to be a contest for best costume, and I thought we would win hands down!

(This is me...trying not to laugh, the next one is Sylvia)

We arrived on a Sunday afternoon to the local bowling alley, which was the "pick up point" for the cruise. Everyone was wearing a costume, but we still looked the best. Everyone was awing over us as we walked up to them. It was quite funny at the time. A shuttle bus picked us up, and we headed down to the marina. We found quite the pirate crew waiting for us, including a Jack Sparrow look a like....down to the "black spot" on his palm. We were instructed to speak like a pirate would speak, act like a pirate would act, and to search the ship for "buried treasure". Everyone immidiatley took off in search for hidden bottles around the boat. I found 5 of them, and was very chuffed with myself. Inside each bottle was a quote from the Pirates of the Caribbean movies, and if we could tell them (in a pirate voice) who said it we got gold coins. I was helping everyone out with their quotes, since for some reason I was looked at as the "expert"! (Again thought that was funny) There were other ways to get gold coins.....find them in your drink, sing a pirate song, have a sword fight, drink some rum, etc...... and whoever had the most gold coins would win a prize at the end of the cruise.

Every time another boat would go by, everyone drew their swords and shouted "ARRRRGGGG", which made the passing boat either speed up to get away from us, or laugh hysterically. Sad to say, I didn't win the best costume prize, and neither did my friend. This led us to start saying "we was robbed!" The prize went to a girl who had a black blazer on with a sword....and her hubbie dressed up a slave.....said she was a slave trader. Oh well......can't win them all. (but we should have)

We had a great sunset at the end of the cruise, so that made it all worth while. It was fun to dress up like a pirate for the day.....would do it again in a heartbeat!


shakenbsis said...

What a great costume Mate!

You look AWESOME!!!!!!!

Osh said...

smashing costume!~ you are beautiful!

Blaznfire911 said...

awww thanks guys!