Thursday, May 29, 2008

Why ask for advice?

I ranted and raved about this subject already, so I decided to delete what I wrote. LOL

Sorry guys.


shakenbsis said...

Hey Doc - I for one appreciate your advice! Family is hard. Yes, they will generally always be there for us but it is usually complicated (understatement?) I hope you are able to work things out with your mom...

I left this for you over at Rod's late last night, decided to copy it here after seeing your post.

Vicky -sorry I missed you, I'd have picked your brain some more... The collar is working well, she hates it but seems resigned at this point. She is eating well though. Have you heard of Dr. M. Sokhey? I hear he is quite famous in veterinary circles. Used to practice in Chicago, now we have him in Beloit. Quite the cutting edge surgeon from what I understand. I can't afford to go there, but one of my bosses sprang for the surgery. Dr. Sokhey said he had to put in three layers of sutures since her belly was so big from giving birth. Poor baby, she really is a tiny kitty. Oh, the collar is really helping to keep hre jumping down as well, before she was so anxious and kept jumping up and down of of everything, at least now she is a little less active and gettign more rest. Had to take the kittens to a house I am working on right now. Once they new mom was in the house they were all crying, mom included. (they were fine without her while she was gone, not a peep!)

Kathy said...

Hi Vicki - I had to comment: Love your dog pics, and your pirate costumes are terrific! Sorry about the troubles with your mom. Why does everything have to be so complicated, eh?