Thursday, June 12, 2008

PE filming day 2

So not much went on today (Wednesday). We got to hang out with crew most of the night. They were all very nice, and tooksome time to say hello to people, get them coffee, and flirt a bit LOL. All the scenes tonight took place at an apartment complex...penthouse....on Prospect. I had to leave at around 11:30pm, so I do not know yet if JD made an appearance. Michael Mann showed up about 8:30, then left a little bit later. He did come back about 9pm ish or so, and someone yelled "Last of the mohicans ruled!" (or something like that) MM raised his hands in the air in appreciation, and then dissapeared inside. Johnny showed up at around 10pm, but went inside straight away without doing a drive by. It was rumored that he had been filming earlier in the day doing car chases, etc on a street a few blocks away. It was also rumored that Marion was on set today as well, but I did not see her. Jerry came out to inspect the baracade about 15 minutes after JD came, so there may be a meet and greet later tonight...or in the morning. it was said that filming would probobaly not finish until about 4:30am. It was VERY cold standing out there. It was about 75 degrees when I went down, and dropped about 20 degrees in a few hours. I was freezing! started to rain half way through. I hope I don't get sick!

I have to thank one of the crew for giving us a good laugh as he rode by on his bike taking video of all the people waiting, 100+ people waiting. He asked us to all take pics of him as he rode by. There was also a nice guy that let me take a picture with him, as he put up the baracades, and another one who stopped to talk to us about movie making.

The crowd was a bit restless, but we did meet some nice people who are fans of Rod's blog. I will post thier pics tomorrow. Also Friday I will have a list of the ten most dumbest/funniest comments ever made while standing in a line to see a movie star! (Wait till you hear them)

Here are some pics I got tonight....sorry but no Johnny!

Some pics will be blurry!

This is the building where shooting took place (top floor..penthouse)

Here is the "locations" guy for the night (pay no attention to my rain brushed hair)

The crew hard at work up in the penthouse. (Notice on the says HELP)

The crew drags wires up to the penthouse....(more on that tomorrow)

Chairs and Lighting arrive

For some reason, there were dogs everywhere on set today

Everyone take a picture of me...and I'll take one of you! Camera's up!

These are who we believe are JD, and Marion's double/stand-in (pure speculation)

Equipment gets covered as it starts to rain

Extras arrive, and get some dinner

Then JD and Jerry come by just after 10pm, JD headed straight inside


-Sir Jack said...

Blazn' good photos love. Always entertaining to see what is happening with PE. Sorry you didn't get to see JD. Maybe your luck will change tonight??!!

Nice shot of the back of Jerry's silvery! Not sure if his "ear jewelry" will snag 'em any birds. I think he just likes to have someone whispering sweet nothings in his ear all day. *winks* (Right Jer?)

Now Blazn' I have some thing to confess...I pilfered a photo of yours for me blog. Do you forgive me love?

Rachel said...

Just thought I would help you out with the guy you had your photo with .. his name is Corey. He is a really great guy. We hung with him quite a bit in Columbus.

shakenbsis said...

Thanks for sharing Vicky! Sounds like you had a good experience despite the rain ;)

Thanks for getting pics of 'my guy' back off Rachel! LOL

Maybe I'll see you around there tonight... If I get my act together and finish what I need to today... and am not too tired... Old lady stuff! grrr...

Rachel said...

Shakes -

Can I ask.. how many men exactly are we going to have to have duel over :) I'll back off Corey and take Jerry then :) HAHAHA!!

And the man fight between Shakes and Rach continues on a new!!!

shakenbsis said...

I was talking about Jerry! LMAO!!!

Blaznfire911 said...

Aww can pilfer if you wish!!

Rachel - Yeah I knew it was Corey, but forgot to put his name up LOL

Shakes - too funny! I'll be down there at about 8:30pm with my black and white umbrella!


shakenbsis said...

Ooh! you'll be stylin'...
(I'll probably have a black or white garbage bag!) LOL

Blaznfire911 said...

LOL Shakes!

I hope you come down despite the weather. I prob wont get very many pics since it will be dark.

Will do my best!

Call me when you get there! Do you need directions?


~Minxie~ said...

Vicky... great pics!!!!! and even better accounting of the evening.....

Be safe tonight..... keep them crew members happy, poor guys work WAY too many hours! Plus they think the women in WI are HOT!!! ;)