Tuesday, August 12, 2008

My very first Green Bay Packers game!!

Friday night, I got to attend my very first Packers game ever! I was truly excited, even though I was feeling sickly, even though it was just a preseason game, even though there was no Brett Favre. Perfect weather, although the wind in the stadium did get a bit cooler as the night went on. (Hence me in the sweater...I SWEAR I have the green and gold on underneath!)

We got up to Green bay just after 5pm, and headed off to Kroll's Buger stand where there was a large gathering of fans eating burgers, brats, and listening to music. There was so much traffic everywhere, and the lines for food were just as daunting, so we headed into Lambeau Field. Armed with our tickets, some cushions, a blanket, and our sweaters....we quickly found our seats. WHAT A VIEW!! I had bought the tickets off my boss, who has season tickets, and their seats were 8th row right behind the endzone!!! I was SHOCKED! You could literally reach out, and touch the players as they practiced right before our very eyes. My hubby looked like a kid in a candy shop! He has been to a couple of games before, but NEVER sat this close!

You could tell the fans were tense about seeing the Packers play wihtout Favre. Some were sitting quietly, munching on popcorn. Others were discussing what the Pack could have done to keep Favre. The anticipation was almost too much much for some to bear, as we waited breathlessly to see the first glimpse of our beloved team.

I spent a few years living in Cincinnati, Ohio before moving back to England, then eventually to Wisconsin. So, the Cincinnati Bengals hold a special place in my heart from when I was growing up. It was great to see my 2 favourite teams lined up to battle each other!
The stadium started filling up quickly....from just a few folks watching practice ...... to an entirly full stadium in less than half an hour!

After the national anthem was sang and the "G-Force" Flag was raised, the cheerleaders, and the Tundra band set up to introduce the green Bay Packers to the eager football fans awaiting the season to begin. I was worried that there might be some "booing" going on....with all the drama surrounding the Packers and Brett Favre. However, they were met with a huge round of applause from the crowd!

Then, it was game time. For the first time in Packers history....Aaron Rogers #12, set foot on the field as the team's quarterback. Again, I was nervous that he might get booed....but something happened that I never expected. The crowd got to their feet, and I heard the most MASSIVE applause I have ever heard in my life. They were yelling, and screaming, and clapping...a standing ovation for the new quarterback!! I did my best to scream with the rest of them, but my poor little throat could not keep up....so I whistled instead. I was happy that Aaron Rogers had been met with such love from the fans. It truly goes to show you that Packer's fans are the GREATEST football fans in the world!! We love our team!!

Aaron Rogers did his best. It can't be easy to lead such a great team for the first time, with all the rumors and drama from the past couple of months. He did make 1 interception, but hey....how many had Favre had in his career? He did make a great pass to Jones for a touchdown. That got the crowd to their feet...especially seeing Jones rush in for the TD with no helmet on! I would have taken a picture, but I was caught up in the moment. Rogers only played for a quarter, and a half, then it was time for the others to show us what they had! 4th quater....Touchdown again!! But it was not enough to bring the Pack to their first victory of the season, and they fell to the Bengals 17-20.

It was just a preseason game, so I am interested to see how the rest of the year pans out. I hope Aaron Rogers all the best of luck, and the rest of the Pack as well. They are going to show us some great things this year!

Life without Brett Favre....my take:

Personally, I was dissapointed and upset when I heard that Brett will be playing for another team. My hubby more so than me. He grew up watching that man make history, and now he is gone. The Packers will always be the team for us....no matter who is the quarterback. I don't know exactly who is at fault for what has happened between favre and the Packers...nor do I know if anyone is really at fault at all. I don't really care to know. So I say.....life will go on without Favre. The other players are going to show us that it's not just Brett that made the team so much fun to watch....it's not just him that held the talent on the team....ALL those players have something to offer, and they are going to prove that to the fans this year!

Life without Brett Favre....from the stadium:

Not everyone in the stadium was happy to see another person at quarterback. There were signs everywhere saying "Fire Thompson", "Bring back Brett", "No Rogers"...the list goes on....But there were signs to the opposite as well. It seems that the fans are divided, but when push comes to shove....they are Packers fans at heart...and will continue to support their team till the very end!

Check out these signs I found around where I was sitting. Look really closely....everything happens so fast when you are at a game.

Will pay 20 million dollars for Ted Thompson to retire (LOL) The one below it says "It's okay Thompson....we all make mistakes...with a bunch of pictures on it I couldn't see.

I bought these tickets to see Chad Johnson (WTH?)

I think this one says ESPN - Eagerly supporting the Packers Nation

I had a great time at the game! Lambeau Field is truly an amazing experience. The atmosphere is intoxicating, and so many people really LOVE this team! I Never realized however, that the team stopped playing every few minutes...and the cheerleaders or band would come out to play. I kept wondering what the heck was going on. Then it came to my attention that they were stopping to take a commercial. A COMMERCIAL!! When did they start doing that?? Here are a few random shots of fans, and the team.

The team sets up for a practice

#80 Donald Driver RIGHT IN FRONT OF ME!!

Aaron Rogers #12...first huddle as the new quarterback for the Packers!

I was too caught up in the moment to get the first Lambeau leap on camera...this is what was left of the group as I struggled around in my purse to find my camera.


Jenny said...

That must have been so cool to be at the first "Aaron Rodgers" game! It's the changing of the tide. I love the Packers and will forever. Although, I do miss Brett :(

I'm glad you had a good time! You got some great pics!

Blaznfire911 said...

Aww thanks Jenny! It was great to be at the beginning of a new Packers era! Since I have never been before, I was just so taken back by everything!

Even though they didn't win....it was still fun to watch!

-Sir Jack said...

Hi Blazn (Champion)! Nice photos of the game, love. I've never been to a Packer game...now I know what it's like through your eyes. It looks like you had a great time! Go Packers! I'm glad you're feeling better, love!

Grinder said...

Which endzone were you in - facing the big TV screen?

When DJ and I go we get tickets in row 5ish in the endzone.

Blaznfire911 said...

Hey Grinder!

Yeah, we were in the endzone that faces the big tv screen! It is an amazing view!!

shakenbsis said...

Great blog Doc!
So glad you got to have this experience ;)

lawgirl said...

Glad you has so much fun!! Lambeau Field is an amazing place to be during a game!!

There is an event for women only on November 22. Football 101. I am going with a group of girls. You actually get to do drills with some of the Packers, and ask Packer's wives questions. You might want to get some friends together and go.

lawgirl said...

Here's a link to the Football 101


Osh said...

glad you had a fun time!!!!!!!!!!

good pictures too!

Blaznfire911 said...

I would Love to go to the Football 101 Tiff, but I think I might be doing something that day.

I will check my calendar, and see if I can get some girls to go with me.

Hiya Osh! Hope your having fun in the Dells!

Robbi said...

Great Pictures!!!!

The experience is Amazing isn't it?

The awwwwww effect really takes control...
I love going to games there...

Glad you had so much fun....

Judge said...

Ohh that football for girls sounds fun :) Keep me posted if you think you are going to go.

It will definately be a season full of twists and turns. I wish Aaron Rogers nothing but the best.