Monday, August 4, 2008

Happy Birthday Lolita!


Today is my dog, Lolita's (a.k.a Lita, Lita-pants) birthday! She is such a sweetheart! I fostered her pregnant mom for about one month before she gave birth to 8 healthy puppies on August 4th, 2002.

She is a very active dog who enjoys long walks, and dressing up. That's right...dressing up! She's been a pirate, Yoda, Princess Leia, an old woman in high heels, and a party animal! She also wear sunglasses everyday to protect her eyes when we ride in the car! She LOVES them! And so does everyone else we see. People stop and take her photo when she is out and about.

She is part Australian Cattle Dog, and part Shiba far as we know. I couldn't imagine life without her...she's an absolute joy to be around!

She goes to Doggy Day Care every Friday to play with her friends, and was the dog of the month in May 2008. Here's a link to her pic...Click on dogs of the month, and scroll down to the May listing:

If you're feeling up to it...visit her dogster page to wish her a happy birthday! The site is a work in progress, as I have not added all my pets to it just yet. It's hard to snap a good photo of these dogs on the move!

Happy Birthday my sweet little girl! Mommy loves you!

I'd add a picture to this post...but blogger won't let me for some reason...oh well.


Judge said...

Happy Birthday Lolita and many more!

Osh said...

Happy Birthday Lolita!

Christine said...

Happy Birthday Lolita. What a beautiful dog you are and I love your pink sunglasses.

Robbi said...

Happy Birthday Lolita!!!!

Hope your days was filled with Wags and Kisses!!!

Blazn~ What a great story and love her website..
how cute that she goes to doggy day care..
sorry I am a day late...

shakenbsis said...

Bummer, I wanna see Lolita!
Happy birthday anyhow to a god who lives in fantasyland!!! If I were a dog Doc, I'd wanna live with YOU!!!! ;)

-Sir Jack said...

Aww, she's a beauty Blazn!! Max likes her too, he wants to come over and play! Happy Birthday Lolita! *holds up a bone* Here's a nice chewy bone for you, girl!

Blogger was giving everyone headaches yesterday...this morning I was able to load pix!!

Have a great day, Vixen!