Monday, February 2, 2009

The 3D Superbowl!

There is never a dull moment when my family gets together. Yesterday, during the Superbowl, was no exception. We watched the first half over at my parents house last night, and had quite the interesting time. My mom had bought everyone a pair of 3D glasses to watch some sort of movie trailer that was going to be on at half time. It was the trailer for the movie "Monsters vs Aliens", and also for the company promoting the movie, SoBee drinks.

My sister insisted that everyone keep their glasses on their heads at all times. So as soon as the commercials came on...we all quick popped them on. Even though we knew none of them would be in 3D, we still snapped them on. This went on every single time the commercials happened, all the way up to the half time show.

"My glasses are defective" My mom kept saying.

We all giggled at that because we knew that none of them were in 3D.

We were all eager to see the trailer now that we had done nothing but wait and wait and wait...and wait some more, and more and more. We never stopped laughing though. It seems that my Dad looked a lot like Robin from the Batman series with his glasses on. LOL

Then, the moment came. We were all highly anticipating the arrival of the trailer, after having our glasses on and off...then on and off...then on and off again. We all snapped on our glasses...the trailer started....BAM! We all got hit in the face by a bouncy ball. (And all of us "oooohed" at the same time lol) Then....nothing. The trailer ended, the SoBee 3D commercial started....nothing.

"My glasses are defective" My mom says again. "Am I doing this wrong"

"Try closing one eye" A little voice squeaked.

The commercial starts for "Chuck" in 3D....still nothing.

2 hours of anticipation, and all we got was a bouncy ball. One lousy bouncy ball.

"My glasses are defective too" My Dad said.

YET...we all continued to wear them...throughout the whole experience, and even after the 3D commercials ended. I have never seen so much dissapointment after so much anticipation. It was really a funny moment though.

"That's it? All this hype for one bouncy ball?" I say.

So tonight I will give it another go by watching the "Chuck" show in 3D. Perhaps my glasses really ARE defective LOL


-Sir Jack said...

OMG VIX!! Your family looks so classic... right from a 60's 3-D movie trailer. TFF!! Great story, love-your mum cracks me up!!

Yeah, those 3-D commercials were disappointing last night. I'm grabbing mine to go watch "Chuck" tonight!

It should be interesting to see "Alice" in year??

Robbi said...

Well you all are a Hoot!!
Jack said it perfectly!
Right out of the 60's!!!LOL!!

Your glasses must have been defective. Mine worked well. We saw more then a bouncy ball.

Love the story!!!

Blaznfire911 said...

I knew those darn glasses were defective!!!!!

Jenny said...


That is too funny!


Grinder said...

How was CHUCK - one of our favorite shows!!

Blaznfire911 said...

I couldn't see anything in 3D Rod LOL

I was dissapointed :(