Sunday, October 26, 2008

A Haunting good time!

Over the weekend, I went to a Halloween party. The theme was characters from Johnny Depp movies. I had a little trouble deciding what to go as. Of course I wanted to be a pirate, but there are so many characters to choose from. I wanted to go as Charlie, as Peter Pan, Tinkerbelle, Corpse Bride, Headless Horseman, Alice in Wonderland, Tonto, CryBaby's girl, Bille Frechette, or any of the other countless roles. However, in the end, I went as a pirate. What can I say? I love pirates!
It started as a grand adventure to get to fellow blooger Robbi's house. I needed assistance in getting into my costume. (And no it's not because I may have gained a few small pounds since the last time I wore it) The wig, which is as thick as can be, is a two person job. You just can't get it on by yourself. There's no way. You need two pairs of hands. Robbi still had no idea what she was going as, and it was almost 6pm. She went back and forth between three costume ideas, and finally settled on going as a 30's lady from "Public Enemies". She looked great! And so did her hubby, the cableman. He went as Mort Rainey from the movie "Secret Window". He really looked a lot like him! It cracked me up!

I rode with Robbi, and Mort, to the party. It was pretty chilly outside, but very warm and toasty inside the party. It was wonderful. The first thing I noticed is that there was a very strange, and scary, devil guy there. Scared the pants off me at first, until I figured out it was none other than Osh's hubby! I was totally taken back by this costume, and could not stop taking pics of him! He was from the movie "The Ninth Gate", and Osh was from "The Corpse Bride". They looked great!

Then I ran into a Pirate Gorilla! Of course I had to stop and have a picture with him! Who can resist a gorilla? And a PIRATE gorilla at that!

This pirate gorilla just happens to be married to a most wonderful person. Mrs Lovett! That's right, we had a resident Mrs Lovett from "Sweeney Todd". In fact, we had two! They were both great! We even got them to pose together! Jenny, however, showed me that there are many things that you can accomplish with a rolling pin!

There were several unscrupulus characters about as well! I believe that Dillinger, and an accompliss were in the building! There was a massive shoot out! They narrowly escaped!

I managed to run into a few of my fellow renegade pirates, Alice, and yes....even a bottle of beer! I got a great chuckle out of Rod's costume. I never thought I would meet a real life...full sized....bottle of beer!

Our gracious hosts, The Lone Ranger and Tonto (aka Kris and Left Hand Louie), have a wonderful home! It was all decked out in Halloween goodies, and a great Jack cake! We had a lot of yummy food to snack on! There was even a cauldron of Rum Punch with floating, eadible, eyeballs! Now, keep in mind, these are EYEBALLS! Jenny, aka Mrs Lovett, decided it would be a good idea to try one of these so called eadible eyeballs. However, the Lone Ranger needed to try one first. And so he did.

Jenny, being the sweet girl she is, had to eat an eyeball after poking at it in the cauldron. "It feels like an eyebal!" She screamed, and laughed. But down the hatch it went....and out the hatch it came. We were just dying with laughter as she tried her best to chew the slimy eyeball.

After finally getting in all the way down......I thought I would give it a go. First I couldn't pick it up. It was too slimy. Then I swallowed it down....then spit it back out. I couldn't do it. It was so gross!!! After a bit of laughter, and coaching, I managed to chew it up. It wasn't that bad when all was said and done...just the initial chew.

Then Captain Sean, Mary's hubby, decided to give it a whirl. With no hesitation at all, he picked it up...smiled for the camera...then ate it. I was shocked. LOL

Next up was Pictionary. I have no idea how to play the game, and was petrified when it was my turn. However, my team did great, and I managed to draw some recognizable objects. Some people were not as lucky. (You know who you are!)

What a great night we had! And some AWESOME costumes! I couldn't post all the pics here, but if you want to take a look at them are some links:


Here's a few more fun pics from the party!
Shakes ... with her mouth full....LOL
Shakes and I pose for a photo...little did I know what she was doing in the background
Rod, sans costume(shame on you)...gets bunny ears from the Devil!
A fellow pirate and myself...
Mary, osh, the Devil, and Robbi
A humorous moment with Mort Rainey (aka the Cableman)
I get my picture with the Devil!
Mary and Osh shake things up!
Robbi....why must you touch Rod's beer bottle?

Robbi and Shakes
One of many funny moments.....Robbi and Rod

Cheers to Mort, Osh, and the Devil

No no no kitty!!! Don't go by Mrs. Lovett! You don't know what she might do!

Vix the Pirate, and Mrs. Lovett get into a sword/rolling pin fight

Rod and Dj pose...

Mort and myself....( I was a little nervous...for obvious reasons!)

Rod and Louie share a moment...

Shakes and I pose for a photo...I accidentally had my gun pointed right at her nose!

So she exacts her revenge.....

Wait! What if this is an alternate reality.....don't do it!!! (Thanks Rod)

What are these two doing out in the garage???

Robbi and me...

The GREAT Skeleton Jack cake!

Did you know that the Devil drinks Coke?????

Osh and me.....

And my favorite photo of the night.......Scowling just like a pirate should!!!


M said...

Awesome photos! The real Halloween can only be a letdown after that! I didn't know your wig was so difficult to get on-- but it looked great. If I didn't know you, I would've thought that was just your actual tousled hair with a little extra Aquanet!

Jenny said...

I love parties! Especially with all us blogger peeps!

It was sooo much fun.

I thought Osh's husband was supposed to be "From Hell" get it? get it?


Jenny said...

Why can't we do that every Saturday night?!?!!?

Blaznfire911 said...

LOL Mary!!! I thought about doing that, but I didn't have the time. Wig was actually a bit easier. It's keeping the wig on while trying to apply the bandana that becomes the problem! LOL

Jenny - I Love parties too!!!! I think we SHOULD do that every Saturday!!!! Are we still on for bowling this week?

Blaznfire911 said...

Oh....and I get it....From hell....I can't keep my movies straight. LOL

Osh said...

Actually, "From Hell" was the alternative if nobody got "Ninth Gate"

Great pictures, great time. Love you all so much.

-Sir Jack said...

Those photos are great Vix!! All the costumes are really well done!! TFF!
You looked like you were about to barf in one of the eyeball pix. LMAO!!
Thanks for sharing!!

Osh said...

Evan can't stop talking about the party, he wants me to throw a Holiday party for everybody, I would love to, do you think people would drive so far?

Blaznfire911 said...

Yeah! Osh that would be a great idea. The only prob might be if it snowed. It's a long way to go in the snow LOL

Glad you guys had fun!

Jack - I WAS gonna barf!

dj said...

Those are great photos! It WAS a fun time. I loved your costume!! :)

One of my favorites are Louie and Rod in the garage...what ARE they doing? LOL

shakenbsis said...

Doc, I love your eyeball pics!!