Saturday, October 18, 2008

Presenting Little Jack and the Cableman!!

Last night I had a wonderful time at the Kurth. It was a well needed break for me. I had the most honored privledge of our friend Robbi cooking dinner for me before we went. It was so delicious!! A very nicely cooked roast with potatos!! Scrumptious!

Even the dogs were singing for a bit of the wonderful feast!! Too bad pups! Chewey a.k.a "Houdini" almost managed to snag a carrot! But his mom was too quick!

Then I was given a tour of the basement! What a difference from the last time I was there! A freshly laid carpet was down, and some of the bigger items had been moved back in. I am aure Robbi has some before pics to show you!

Now what exactly are these on Robbi's feet...mucklucks??? Never even heard of them, but I had to take a picture!! LOL

Then, as I was in the basement....I came across the INFAMOUS picture of Robbi in the cocnut bra!!! Couldn't resist love.....HA!

Robbi's house is totally decked out in Halloween deco! Right down to the bed spreads! I insisted that the cableman have the lights outside ready to go for when I arrived, and he actually did it!!! I must have super powers LOL It was very cool to see her house all lit up with witches, pumpkins, and spooks! I wish I would have taken a picture of it, but it was raining outside.

At the Kurth, I sampled some of Rod's Double Chocolate Stout! Boy it was delicious! I had to have seconds! Thanks Rod for the beer! We had a ncie time at the Kurth with Rod, Dj, Jenny, Left hand Louie, Mary, Caralea, Robbi, and myself! It was great to see everyone again! Thanks Jenny for the presents!!

When we finally got back to Robbi's house, I was introduced to her husband....the cableman! Only he was asleep....or was he? Seeings as though Robbi is such the practical jokester....we decided to take a few pictures of him to put on the blog. HEE HEE!!! Only the lighting wasn't great, so after taking a few pictures....we tried to turn the lights on....BOOM....he was awake!!! Little stinker!

Thanks again Robbi for being such a great hostess!!


I am happy to announce that I am the proud new mom of a pirate monster!!! That's right....A pirate monster! I came across this couple who create stuffed monsters. They are just adorable. I approached them last month, and requested a custom made pirate monster. They were very excited to do it! In fact, I have requested ANOTHER pirate monster that I will be picking up in the next few weeks. It will be Little jack's 1st mate! ARRRRRGGGG!!!!!

In case you want your own monster, they can create just about anything. It doesn't have to be a pirate. Here is there buisness card. Everyone needs their own monster!!!

So I went to pick Little Jack up this morning. I had no idea what he would look like. I was so happy to see him! He is everything I imagined. My friend bought a little baby monster for her son while we were there as well.
I never realized how much trouble this little guy could get into!! But he is, after all, a pirate! He was really excited to be at his new home, and kept on getting into EVERYTHING! I am exhausted after trying to keep up with him! (hee hee)
So without further ado...I give you....Little Jack!
An excited mom picks him up and poses for a few pictures

Little Jack meets Auntie Donna

Little Jack shows me all his cool pirate stuff!

His gold tooth and beard...

His eye patch...

And what's beneath the eye patch....

His little pirate pocket...where he stores all his treasures

His dread locks

After he said goodbye to the great people who made him, we headed back home. He was a bit nervous about my driving, but he soon started to relax.

Getting buckled in

Little Jack arrives home

Staking out the joint..

He really wanted a snack

He hears a noise....check his back out!! He had no idea I took this picture....but he is a totally different color onthe backside!

Little Jack torments the dogs

Snuggle time with mommy

Oooopps! Sorry Little Jack...I'll give you your privacy in the "little prates room"

Hey! Get out of the dog food!

You already had a snack Little Jack!

Checking out his fellow pirate, Sir Jack's, blog

Time to get outside, and enjoy the day

Young man....I will NOT ask you again....get out of that tree!

Oh for goodness're too young to use that grill!

Yes I know you like the Mini....but let's go inside for a bit

It seems that Little Jack loves Spongebob as much as I do!

Awww... the poor little guy is tuckered out...time for a nap

It's really hard to keep up with the little guy. Whew. Now looks like a good time for me to catch some Zzzzzz's as well!


-Sir Jack said...

Little Jack is way too flippin' funny Vix!! My love is begging for one now!

I was a little concerned when I saw him on the know, you being so handy with fire and all...I thought the next pix might be of a Little Jack bonfire!! LOL Now, make sure when he's out in the backyard playing, that he doesn't eat know, those things up in your tree and all over the grass that come from the OAK tree. He might choke!! One more thing, if you find you Mini missing...I didn't steal it...really! The thought never came 'cross my mind. I absolutely hate minis and the color blue!! *heavy sarcasm*

So where DO you live, love?? LOL
*wicked grin*

Blaznfire911 said...

LMAO Jack!!!!

Now there is NO WAY that I am going to tell you where I live LMAO!!!! You can't have it!

Little Jack has been warned to stay away from the grill. For BOTH our sakes!!! I had to be very careful not to light him on fire whilst removing him from the area LOL

Wait till you see the next pirate monster I am getting!

Little Jack needs a 1st mate!

shakenbsis said...

Toooo funny Doc! He is absolutely adorable!!! (for a monster)

Blaznfire911 said...

Hee hee thanks!

I made him his own blog LMAO!!!!

He demanded that I make it...him now being a Captain and all!

Make sure you pop by from time to time to say hi to him!

Robbi said...

OMG!!!! Little Jack is Adorable!!
I want one!!!(hint hint!!) Christmas is around the corner!!

Can't wait to see his little mate!

You are welcome for Dinner anytime!
These pictures are perfect with your story!!
Houdini struck yesterday again..
When I was out he wanted to see what was in the oven and knocked over my basket of pens and such..
Next time I will take a picture.Never thought about that til now..

Cableman has not seen this yet,but I did tell him about it and he just shook his head..and said you girls are crazy!!!LOL!!!!

Blaznfire911 said...

OMG Robbi! We are a couple of nut balls LOL!!!

I thought the pics of cableman turned out cute!!! LOL

Judge said...

This post made me smile so much! I love Little Jack!! Is he related to our beloved Sir Jack???

Blaznfire911 said...

Hee hee Judge...Unfortunatley no....but don't tell Sir jack that! LOL

JK Jack!

calypso said...

Blazn' love your pictures!! Little Jack is adorable...where did you get him!! I guess you have the pitter patter of little pirate feet around the house now!! LOL LOL

~Minxie~ said...

How the hell did I miss this?!!? OMG! He is precious!!!! I adore him!!!

Blaznfire911 said...

LMAO MINX!!! You've been a busy little girl!

GLad to see you back on here though!