Saturday, December 27, 2008

Doing it Christmas Style!

I hope everyone had a great Christmas this year! My family, and I, had a terrific time! On Christmas Eve I threw a small little get together at my house, and I was worried that no one would come seeings as though it was snowing. To my surprise, almost everyone showed up, and even brought additional guests with them!! I was thrilled! Even more so when our good friend, Shakes, walked through my front door carrying a bowl full of delicious Raspberry Vodka Trifle!

Even Captain Little Jack had a great time!! (as you can see)...He has more pictures to share with you on his site

We had a few games to play including: Air Hockey, Pool, Wii Bowling Tournament, Trivia, Christmas Crackers, and Pass the Parcel (it's a British thing hee hee). Trouble was, we only played a few of the games since we were all chatting.

Everyone opened their Christmas Crackers, and were excited to wear the paper crowns yet again this year!! Okay, maybe some people were not as happy. By the end of the night, I was forced to become the hat police on some of them!! Christmas Crackers are little paper tubes that you pull open, and they make a loud cracking noise. As they open, bits of jokes, toys, and a paper hat falls out of them. Whoever gets the bigger half gets what's inside.'s a British thing, but I think I may have some American friends now wanting to do this tradition! YAY!

So the Wii bowling tournament begins. We had 8 players, in two teams of four. We would have had more, but they were busy off playing Air Hockey. Every year my Dad, and Sean's Uncle, face off in this endless battle to see who comes out the victor! It was Sean's Uncle this year....taking the title of "Ultimate Champion" for the first time in four years!! Good going!

My Dad (in red) and Sean's Uncle

(Side note: These two play this game so rough, that they have broken the table 3 times. They get so into it, that they start sweating profusely! Last year, my Dad forgot to take his red
hat off, so at the end of the night, he had a big pink stain on his forehead!!! I have never seen someone scrub so hard to get it off. It was still there in the morning! LMAO!)

Waiting to play the Wii Bowling, Matt, Sean, my sister, and Matt's sister play pool

Back to Bowling... Shakes played a great game, and came in third. I came in first, but forfeited the title to my sister's fianace's Mom, Laurie. Then in the second group, Matt (my sister's fiance) won. We ran out of time to play the two against each other, so they each got a prize.

My Dad decides to warm up on playing Wii golf first...
Shakes takes her turn on the Wii Bowling

Shakes's trifle was so yummy! My parents really enjoyed it. Sorry's all gone now! There were lots of British things to eat including, Jam tarts (my favorite), and Minice Meat Pies (NOT my favorite)!! Only one person, besides my parents, liked the mince meat pies. Sorry Mum. They are an acquired taste. They have no meat in them, despite the name. They actually have fruit in them....currants. Now, I warned people to stay away from them...but they just wouldn't listen. Sean's Dad was in for a rude awakening after biting into the forbidden pie! I warned him!!!
Sean's Uncle actually liked them
I warned Sean's sister not to eat that...she didn't listen....
And here's the result....before she spat it out! LOL


The house was filled with the smell of pine needles, and stale wine. I was tired. Woke up in the morning, let Captain Little Jack, the pets, and Sean root through their stockings, as I made some bacon and eggs.

Tink wastes NO time ripping open her present..
Meg....she's 17...take's a bit longer....
Almost got it.....
BINGO!!! Sucsess!!

Sean did a nice job picking out a gift for me, A game for the Wii!! I ran downstairs to play it. I was like a little kid in a candy store! I was playing so long, that I forgot we were supposed to be at my mum's house around 11am. I raced into the shower, packed up the car, and we were off.

Had a wonderful day with my family, and got some very nice gifts. Once again, the hats came out for dinner. This time, instead of a fortune telling fish toy, I got a ring toss game in my Christmas Cracker. I was the envy of the dinner table!! The table was once again donned in the Royal Doulton China my mum insists on using for every special occasion. She only does that because the plates, cups, bowls, and serving trays have to be washed by hand....and guess who does the washing up? That's right...ME!

The table is ready....
The crowns come out....
My cheesy little ring toss game...
Sean and me
My Dad looks at his airplane toy...
Jenny and Matt

After our 2pm "dinner", Sean and I headed to his family's house for another round of food. I was forced to wear a santa hat after dinner as a punishment for the British Crowns the night before. They always have a proper Italian dinner for Christmas. Ravioli, meatballs, sausages, pasta, and a few other things I can't spell....let alone pronounce. After we were all done, 9pm, we headed home. I was stuffed, as I rolled myself through the back door. But we weren't done yet!

Half hour after we got home....Sean opens the fridge, and I hear him say.... "These meatballs still okay to eat?"

"WHAT??? You're hungry?" I say, in utter disbelief.

"How long should I heat them up for?" He asks, ignoring me.

"About a minute." I replied, watching them spin in the microwave. "I can't believe after all're still hungry."

"I'm a guy. Guys are always hungry." He says, pulling them out of the microwave.

"Hey, give me one of those." I say, as I take a meatball off the plate, and tottle off to bed.


-Sir Jack said...

Aww, you had a beautiful Christmas Eve and Day, love!!

I love your stories...especially the one about your Dad sweating while wearing the red crown playing air hockey...I can picture the pink stain on his forehead now!! TFF!!

Thanks for sharing your holiday!!
Merry Christmas!

Blaznfire911 said...

You've never seen anything quite like Jack! My Dad will NEVER live it down!!

Judge said...

Merry Christmas girl! It looks like you had a fab holiday!!


Judge :)

Osh said...

Looks like a blast!

shakenbsis said...

I finally found my computer agian after who knows how many days! I had such a nice time at your family celebration. What a great group, everyone wqas so nice and welcoming... and FUNNY!
The apple doesn't fall far from the tree for sure...
Wonderful memory lovey, thanks so much for including me!!!!
Hug and kisses...

oh, I think I took a pic of me and my auntie on Christmas morning in our hats! ;)

dj said...

Hi Vicky! Sounds like you had a great time!!! All that food sounds delish!!! YUMMY!!! And Shake brought her fantastic trifle!! yayy!! The hats are so fun...we love the crackers and they will be a tradition from now on in our family for sure.

Hey you can tell your Mum I love mincemeat cookies! My mom used to make those at Christmas too sometimes--they are yummy, although you are right, they are an acquired taste! I think only her and I ever ate them!

Glad to know you had a great Christmas Vicky!!


Lawgirl said...

I'm glad you had such a nice Christmas! And that was so nice that Shakes was able to join you. Just think, a year ago we didn't even know each other existed.

Christmas crackers sound cool. I never heard of them. Your pets are adorable. It's cute that they get to open presents, too.

And I love you with the new hair! It really suits you. Have a happy new year everyone!

Lawgirl said...

Jack-your picture is scrumptious!!

~Minxie~ said...

Vix, what a wonderful Christmas you had. I am so glad that the snow didnt stop the party!!! Looks like you all had a great time!

I love the little Christmas crackers.... I wasnt aware of the small end/big end thing. LOL.....

Thanks for sharing your Christmas with us!!!