Saturday, December 6, 2008

Griswold's have come to town!

What started off as a normal day has turned into something more comical than I could ever describe on a blog.

So we travel to the tree lot down the street. We wanted a 6 foot tall tree. Nothing too big. It's cold. I mean COLD! Even the workers are talking about how freezing it is outside

"Anything you need. Just ask" This guy says. I just nod, and go about the search for the perfect tree.

Sean and I are looking up and down the rows of trees in complete shock! They were all so big. 8-10 foot tall. Then we come across this little row of trees. "Balsam Fir 6-8 foot"! Great, I thought. No problem. Perfect.
They still looked a tad bit too big, so I ask the guy "Where are all your small trees?"

He smiles. "We can trim it down for you."

Ok, no problem. "We'll take this one, if you can cut it down a bit." I say, pointing to the first one in the row. "Can you slap it on top of the car?"

He smiles again. "Sure"

So he starts hacking away at this massive tree. A tree that was marked as only being 8 foot tall. A little bit more hacking, and trimming commenses, and then...walla! Our tree appears!

So this guy starts tying it to the roof of our truck. (Sorry Jenny, we decided against taking the Mini Cooper tree's had enough of trees on the roof LOL)

I am watching in both horror, and excitment as he flings this thin little twine over the roof of the car, and hoists up the tree.

"It's not going to fall off is it?" I ask him, in complete and utter terror. I had this image in my mind of this poor tree sliding right off the roof, and through someones windshield. It did not get any better when he says, "Well how far are you going?"

OMG. *nervous giggle* Does it matter how far I am going? Is this tree gonna fall off my car if I go more than 5 miles from the lot? Why is he asking this question? Does he need thicker twine? Should I be worried? Do I need to hold on to it through the sun roof? Should I ride on top of the car?

"I've been doing this for ten years, so don't worry." He says, spotting the concerned look upon my face.

Sean rolls his eyes at me, and climbs into the driver's seat. I take one final look at the "tie down" job, before sliding into the car. Sean pulls back the sun roof cover, and I spend the next 10 minutes staring up through the window at the tree.

"Stop looking at it!" Sean shouts. "You'll jinx it!"

" moved!" I screamed! "We'd better pull over and check it!"

"Calm down woman!" He laughs. " It's fine. Just leave it alone!"

"I think I should open the sun roof and hold on to it....just in case" I say, as I reach for the button.

Sean rolls his eyes again, and giggles. I decide against sticking my hands out into the arctic air!
We finally get home, and drag what I thought was about a 6 foot tree into the living room. We hoist the tree into its stand, and then the fun REALLY began! I am a perfectionist. I simply CANNOT have a tilted tree. It must be perfectly aligned! So Sean holds it up, as I begin to screw in the base.

"Push it up more. It's not centered in the dish!" I shout.

"Look, I can't hold it any higher. It's hitting the ceiling!" He yells back.

You know how it is. You always have to bicker a little bit when trying to help each other. That's why I refuse to help Sean with anything. Arguments can sometimes break out!

"Well you're gonna have to lift it up, or I won't be able to put it straight!" I shout again.

"Listen. It's as high as it's gonna get." He grumbles.

"Well is it at least straight?" I say, as I hunker down under a nice fresh scent of pine needles.

"Yes. Are you done now?"

After a few minor corrections, I get up off the floor. It's not straight! Not at all! Must I do everything myself? Hee hee. So back down I go to fix it.

"Just leave it! Once it drops it will be fine!" He says, rolling his eyes once more, and retreating into the basement.

For the moment I am satisfied with the placement of the tree. The only problem now is that there is no room for the angel! The tree is hitting the flipping ceiling! Darn it! I feel like this tree is right out the Griswold's living room!!! I'm going to have to cut the top off of it just to put the angel on!! The picture does not do the tree justice at all! Yes there is a small spot near the top, but it's leaning against the ceiling LOL!!

"Little full....lots of sap!"

There is NO WAY this tree is 6 foot tall! Hee hee. That's okay...I like me a big tree!


-Sir Jack said...

Vix, it looks like you bagged yerself a BIG one! It's a beaut! The BIG question is...where's the squirrel, love?

Ahhh yes, getting the tree up nice and straight, putting the lights on just right...not too many in one place and no dead ones. I always loved watching my parents set up their tree. Christmas music playing, egg nogg and the annual Christmas bickering. Childhood memories...gotta love them!!

Thanks for sharing your Christmas Tree experience!!!

Blaznfire911 said...

Omg! I totally checked that tree for squirrels! memories...we always used to (and still do) bicker about putting up the tree!!

it has to be JUST RIGHT!!!

-Sir Jack said...

Damn straight, love!!
It has to be JUST RIGHT!!!
Other wise it just taunts you every day...
"I'm leaning...ha ha ha ha ha haaaa!"

Jenny said...


OMG. That was sooo funny!!!!

Be sure to post pics once you get it all decorated!!!!!

Blaznfire911 said...

LOL I will! AFTER I trim it down a bit!!

Robbi said...


Dominic the Donkey is playing in the back ground of me reading your Griswald story!!!!

Can it get any better then that?

Then I read you checked the tree for squirrel's!!!

That did me in!!!!!

By the way,you are suppose to snip the top to get your angel on ..
other wise it look's like the angel has a stick up it's butt!LOL!!!

Great Story!
Can't wait to see it all decorated!!!

Rachel Judge :) said...

That made me laugh... a lot :)

Blaznfire911 said...

Hee hee!!! It was a funny trip to the tree lot!

Lawgirl said...

Great recap of your day!

Your tree is gorgeous. It is so full. And tall. I also look forward to the pictures of it decorated.

I would not have wanted to be standing in a Christmas tree lot tonight! It is so cold! It's days like this that I wonder why I live here, and not in some warm sunny place.

shakenbsis said...

Awesome tree!!!

I think you picked the coldest day so far to go get it!!! LOL!!

I'm still battling my squirrel... finally after all sorts of shennanigans i had to go out and buy metal cans to replace the ones the squirrel ate trhough the lids! yesterday i heat scratching at the door so i open it thinking i'd accidentlt locked the cat out!!
There was my squirrel lookig at me like WTH??

He looked so sad... What the hell is wrong with me? I must have made some sort of sympathetic noise cuz then he turnedn like i was inviting him in!!

I got control of mtself quick and shut the door! (can he come stay with you?)

Cybermom said...

Aw, Vix, you really know how to bring a smile to my face! What a cute story, and I'm glad there are no squirrels! hee hee

I agree with Jenny; make sure you have plenty of pics when it's decorated.

Thanks for letting us go along on your "Griswold adventure"~!

dj said...

Vicky, I love your story! LMAO!!!

That does look like a HUGE tree! Good luck getting the angel on.LOL

It was soo cold yesterday! We haven't gotten our tree yet. :P

I want to see pictures too after its decorated! :D

Blaznfire911 said...

LOL guys! Well it's been 24 hours, and the tree is STILL not thawed out. Looks like I am going to have to wait another day till I can decorate it!!

It really was cold outside last night. BRRRRR!!!!!

Shakes....maybe my squirrel talked to your squirrel...ITS A SQUIRREL CONSPIRACY I TELL YOU!!!!

Osh said...

ha ha ha

reminds me of my parents when they used to get a tree...although it had to rest for days and days before we could decorate it, (according to my dad) and then we had to anchor it to the wall because of the cats.

Blaznfire911 said...

LOL Osh!!!! My tree FINALLY thawed out today, but I don't have time to decorate it right now. Perhaps tomorrow!