Saturday, September 13, 2008

Cat in a Box..and one Crazy Squirrel!

My cat Louise does a lot of strange things. She likes to sleep under the covers, stalk the dogs, and sit in the water dish when it is empty. This morning I found her sleeping in an old shoe box. Funny thing was in the garbage can...or at least it was. I have no idea how she got it out of there, but here she is....enjoying her victory.

And if that wasn't strange enough....I had an encounter with a very unusual squirrel this morning.

There I was...just minding my own buisness. The rain was slightly trickling down from the leaves above. I hear a noise...I look up..see nothing. I turn, go round the side of the garage. I drop the garbage bag, I had hauled out of the house, into the trash bin. I hear the noise again. I spin around to see what is making this noise. It is a strange sort of squeaky right out of National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation. You know the part I am talking about. If you don' is a clip to refresh your memory.

Anyway, back to my story. I kept hearing this squeaky sound. Then, as if out of no where...BAM! I got hit in the head with something. At first I thought a bird pooped on me, but I saw this object bounce across the ground. I looked up...saw nothing. I raced across the grass, and investigated the foreign object. To my was an acorn. I looked up again, saw nothing. So what did I do next? Well, I sat down in my tree swing. I felt a bit foolish sitting there in the rain watching the cars go by. However, I was not about to leave until I had found my attacker.

A few minutes went by, then BAM! Another acorn hit the tree swing...barely missing me. I looked up, but again I saw nothing. Just a few branches moving in the wind. Well now I was mad. I stood up, and watched the tree above swaying back and forth. Then....I saw him! Or should I say her!! What a sneaky little squirrel. I snuck up to the base of the tree, and peered up into the branches. She took again!!! Missed me! I picked up the acorn, and threw it back at the squirrel. (I know, I know) It NEVER moved! It was daring me to chuck another one. But I did something that it did not expect....I let the dogs out! It freaked...and ran up the tree.

After that, it dissapeared....but only for a moment. I put the dogs back in the house, and went to pick up the acorns from the battle. I put them into a pile at the base of the tree. I am, afterall, and animal lover. I didn't want it to starve. I walked out onto the sidewalk, and there she was. She was sitting up in the tree, peering down at me. I could only imagine that she was saying...."This is not over.....not over by a long shot!" I half expected her to "Pull a Focker" on me. The good old "I'm watching you" motion that was shared in that movie.

Well you know what Squirrel...I'm watching you too! Here is the infamous squirrel. I think it is a girl. I wonder why?


Osh said...

that squirrel's name is Dolly!

Robbi said...

I absolutely love your story and your video of Christmas Vacation!

That is the Best Holiday Movie out there!!!LOL!!!!

That squirrel does look like he/she is out to get you....

Battle is not over yet!!!!LOL!!!
Get him girl!!!

Thank you for making me laugh!!!
I sure needed it...

Movie Star Wife said...

That reminds me of the "mutant squirrels" we had at UW Oshkosh. They were big suckers and I could totally see them beaming innocent little college students as they walked by. Hee Hee.
Loved the video--that rocked!
Have a great weekend.

shakenbsis said...

You are SOOOO much fun Doc!

-Sir Jack said...

LOL, an acorn toting squirrel!! Great story, love!! You should pick up a sling shot for your next encounter!!

Whosit5Casie said...

my mother once named a squirrel that lived in our tree...

i think they have a conspiracy to take over the world!!

Jenny said...

That is soo funny. Squirrels are sooo mischievious!

I absolutely love Christmas Vacation! It is my favorite Christmas movie!

~Minxie~ said...

LMAO! Maybe we should invite that squirrel to the cabin for the liquid battle! =0)

I hope your acorn throwing friend knows who she is messing with! ;)

Cute story, thanks for sharing!

Blaznfire911 said...

Today that darn squirrel was in my garage!! Scared me half to death as I went to open my car door!

It's a conspiracy!