Sunday, September 28, 2008

Race for the Cure, and a party on the farm!

This will be my last post before I leave for vacation on Tuesday! I can't wait! I'll be gone until Sunday! Yipeee!!


I was proud to take part in the Race for the Cure today! All proceeds benefited breast cancer research. My friends and I did not make a team (because we were too lazy and missed the deadline), so we opted to participate as individuals. Some of us went on the 5K run, and others on the 5K walk. (I did the walk) There were hundreds of thousands of people there! It was really a sight to see. Lots of people had dressed up for the event....donning pink wigs, and glasses, and pink feather boas!! It was fun!! Next year we are going to get our behinds in gear, make a team, and dress up! All the teams had signs so that their crew could find them. I saw this sign, and went bolting over....too bad they were looking for another Vicky LOL

The race/walk started at 9:25 am, and it took us a bit to get going since thre were so many people. So there we stood, at the summerfest grounds, right under the Miller Oasis sign. They probobaly could have made a boat load of money if they would have been selling beer LOL! A few people were commenting about that. The race winded through the grounds, and out into the open streets of Milwaukee. There were cheerleaders everywhere along the walk....cheering us on!!

It was pretty chilly down by the lakefront, but as we got soon became ALOT warmer! The one thing I noticed on the walk was that Milwaukee is truly a beautiful city. It has a lot of buildings that are very old, and very quaint. It has some of the most gorgeous scenery....if you only stop to take a look around..
So come....and take a walk with me:

After we finished, we enjoyed the grand celebration that was being put on by the foundation, and local radio stations. There was a band, a march of survivors, samples from different restaurants, free stuff (who doesn't like free stuff), coffee, brats and burgers, cosmetics, games, and fun with friends!!!

We were all pretty tired, but pose for some photos before calling it a day!

After the race, we had a work party at one of the technician's houses. She lives on a dairy farm, and she has this party every year! We had a blast this year! A big cookout, fun with bubbles, loads of kids and dogs, pumpkin picking, and a broken swing!
That's right....a broken swing....My friend Donna has an adorable kid. His name is Colton. She was pushing him on a hammock, and I couldn't resist myself. I jumped on with him, and all was going well.....until Donna decided to get on...then BOOM...crashed to the ground onto a pile of rocks! The kid NEVER even blinked, but Donna and were in massive amounts of pain as everyone busted out laughing. I have a huge bruise on my bottom :( But how could you not resist sitting next to my little buddy???

The people were not the only ones who had a great time. There were about 8 dogs there, and they were playing so hard that I think their owners will be having one heck of a restfull evening. This naughty puppy thought it would be a good idea to grab a cornstalk to play with! His mommy thought otherwise...

Then Mr. Tonka....the naughty a reprive with this ADORABLE picture!

The kids had a blast as well. I don't know what to say about them really...other than they are the cutest little kids, and very good with animals. There was one little girl who went round to each dog, and introduced herself. It was very touching. Then Ellie, a little girl I know, showed me her newly found catepillar...we named him Rufus!! The kids all enjoyed my display o' bubbles !! I had them screaming and laughing for a good hour before my back started to hurt from endless requests for more bubbles! I can't give away my bubble making secrets....but here's a little looksy:

After food and games it was time for pumpkin picking! I got a good one this year! The kids were having so much fun that they kept snatching all the good ones up!! LOL

And what Wisconsin Farm party is complete without a visit to the dairy barn???


-Sir Jack said...

Wow Vix, you are a busy woman!! The Race, the party, the dairy farm...great photos!! I feel like I spent the day with you!

Your bubbles are flippin' colossal!!
I WANT that formula! I MUST have the formula!!

Have a great vacation, love!! Maybe we'll run into each other? ROFLMAO!!

Blaznfire911 said...

LMAO Jack! Maybe we will hmmmmm

You CANNOT have my formula!! LOL

It's a secret!!

dj said...

What a great cause!!Looks like it was fun too!!

Hope you have a great vacation! :)

Movie Star Wife said...

I go to the Race for the Cure every year in Madison. My sister is a survivor. Isn't it awesome?! The Madison one is at the end of May or beginning of June. It looks like the Milwaukee race is very similar. Have a great vacation!