Friday, November 28, 2008

Black Friday Shopping,Thanksgiving, and Louise Update!

So before I start this long, yet slightly funny (In my opinion) blog...thought I would update you on Louise my cat! She is actually doing MUCH better this morning! We went to the vet again, and she has a semi normal heart rate today(but will always have the murmor and Cardiomyopathy), temp still a bit on the low side, not dehydrated, but still not eating or drinking (at least that I can see). Doctor thinks she must be drinking something since she was not dehydrated. However, we gave her some fluids just to be sure. She has more "Pep in her step" today as well, and put up a big fuss when I tried to give her meds! THAT'S my girl! We are going to stop all her meds for the next two days, and start up some new Heart meds on Sunday. AS A BONUS: Her Toxoplasmosis test, the one the cardiologist was concerned about, came back NEGATIVE!!! HOORAY! So Thank you to everyone for keeping Louise in your thoughts and prayers! She will always suffer with her heart problems for the rest of her life, but I think things are on the up and up for the time being! THANK YOU!

My Uncle is here from England, as some of you know, and this is his first time being introduced to an American holiday! Boy did we have some fun! My mum cooked us a massive turkey, and stuffed it with some very strange home made stuffing with nuts. (So of course I couldn't eat it!) However, the top of the turkey that was untainted by the nuts was delicious! We had all sorts of goodies to along with it, and some delicious Pumpkin or Apple Pie for dessert! YUM!

Then it was picture taking time. Check out a few of our silly poses, and a few that I FORCED people to take! Hee hee!

My Uncle Phil, Sean, Me, My mum, My sister Jenny, My soon to be brother in law Matt!

My sister and I

The boys...Matt, Phil, Sean, and My Dad

My sister, Uncle Phil, and me

Then came the Annual Midnight Madness Shopping Extravaganza!!!!

My friends and I head down to Prime Outlet Mall down near Kenosha around 9:30pm last night. We packed up Little Jack, and started our adventure. He was less than thrilled to be going shopping, but I don't think angry is the right word to describe how he felt when I strapped him into the baby car seat LMAO! (That's what he gets for making fun of the mini)

We wanted to get there early enough to attempt to get some gift certificates that they give away. Well.... we obviously did not leave early enough!! The line to get OFF the interstate was over 50 cars long! The line to get IN to the shopping centre was twice that!! People were lined up as far as the eye could see. They had brought chairs, blankets, and even grills!!! I couldn't believe it! I thought we were in an economic recession LOL. People were even dressed up! Some in Pajamas...others in shorts and t-shirts....even guys wearing dresses and bathrobes! It was HILLARIOUS!!! There was even a Santa Clause walking around!

Santa with me and DeeDee

Santa with Donna and Dee Dee

So we bypassed the line, and found a spot to park. After that it was shop till you drop! One of the girls I was with wanted to go in Ann Taylor, so off we went. I don't really shop there, so Iwas just looking around at all the people. The one thing that caught my eye was this young guy. He worked there. That's right... A GUY working at Ann Taylor!!! That's a Ladies store if you don't know hee hee. So after some giggling with my friend, I walk up to him. He's the greeter, and he is looking b-o-r-e-d! I had a conversation with him that I now regret. Call it over tired, call it giggle hysteria, call it what you's how it went:

Me: "So you work here? You look bored."

Him: "Ummm Yeah"

Me: "You working long hours tonight? What time do you get off?"

Him: "Till 6am"

Me: "Oh that's pretty long. Do you get a lunch break?"

Him: "Yeah I get a break around 3am"

Me: "So is the food court open?"

Him: "Yeah"

Me: "So are you gonna eat there?"

Him: "Ummm....maybe"

At this point my friend is giggling in the background. I did not know what was so funny. Then it dawned on me that this guy probobaly thought I was hitting on him. I can tell you this....I have NEVER left a store so quick in my life!

The lines in the stores were astronomical! I eventually gave up most of the stores I wanted to go in. The lines were from the registers, weaving through the racks all throughout the stores, and back to the front of the store! I was flabbergasted! Old Navy was so packed...I couldn't breathe, and I felt a bit sick.

So what did we do at that point? 2:34 Am.....OFF TO EAT CHINEESE!!!

Food Court PACKED! Chock full of people munching down the most scrumptious Chineese, American, and Italian food! It was really funny to see all these people eating this junk at 3am !!

Then it was off to more shopping! The line for Coach Purses had NOT died down since we got there. It was nearing 4am, and the line was still as long as it was 4 hours ago!!! It was out of the building, and all the way down the sidewalk into the next building! CRAZY!! Who wants a purse THAT bad?????

Off to Restoration hardware we go....

By this time we were all so over tired that NOTHING could control the hyperness. It might have had something to do with the all the coffee we were drinking. So there we person off looking at something, and two of us sitting on the couch in the front window. Then it begins....

I start waving at all the people passing by...sending Donna, my friend, into HYSTERICS! Then I show her that not only am I wearing crocks, but I don't have matching socks on underneath!! So...I stick my feet up in the window, and start waving at them with my feet. I know...a bit childish...but hey...I was WAYYYYY overtired! DeeDee, Donna's sister, comes up and shows us this little bear. So I put it in the window. At this point...I see an employee walking over to us. We quick got up off the couch. He says (in a grumbly voice) "Anything I can help you ladies with?" Of course we said no, pretended to look interested in some pillows, the high tailed it out of there! (Waving bye to the bear as we passed the window hee hee)

I finally made it home at 5:30am after dismissing the temptation to run into Kohl's, Best Buy, and Walmart! They must have been having some sort of MEGA sale. We could see the lines outside from various places along the way home. CRAZY! I heard that people were camped outside Best Buy from 10pm Thanksgiving night until they opened at 5am!!!! Again...CRAZY!

I will say though...I did go to Walmart about an hour ago...hee hee! Happy Thanksgiving all!


Movie Star Wife said...

Vicky, I'm so glad that Louise is doing better. Give her a hug for me. Sounds like you had some crazy fun last night. Mike and I hit the stores late this morning (9:30) and it wasn't too bad. Of course, there wasn't much left of the early bird specials anymore. Did you get any great bargains? Was it worth being up all night? I've always kinda wanted to go to the early sales, but I can never get anyone to go with me.

Movie Star Wife said...

Vicky, I'm so glad that Louise is doing better. Give her a hug for me. Sounds like you had some crazy fun last night. Mike and I hit the stores late this morning (9:30) and it wasn't too bad. Of course, there wasn't much left of the early bird specials anymore. Did you get any great bargains? Was it worth being up all night? I've always kinda wanted to go to the early sales, but I can never get anyone to go with me.

Jenny said...

I'm so glad your kitty is feeling a little better.

Your brave for facing the shopping crowd! I would go batty! I can believe the pic of Old Navy!

Did you hear about the Walmart employee who got trampled by shoppers when he opened the doors this morning? He DIED!!!! UNBELIEVABLE!!! People get crazy. That's why I stay at home.

Hope you had fun though! It is definitely an "experience"

Love: Me!

M said...

YAYYYYY Louise! Thanksgiving, indeed!

Your family looks like they're having the nicest time!

When I went to bed last night, a Chicago radio station was giving late-night traffic reports from the 3 outlet malls in the vicinity (Kenosha, Gurnee, Michigan City). It sounded chaotic; they were advising people traveling on the Interstate to beware, maybe even avoid the MAJOR HIGHWAY. Hope you sleep well tonight!

Robbi said...

Glad to hear Louise is doing somewhat better.\

Your Thanksgiving Dinner looked so yummy!Hope your Uncle Liked the idea of Thanskgivng.....

Your version of your ventures just cracked me up...
I can picture you in the window waving away at people passing by..
Gee!!! Did I rub off on you?LOL!

Glad you had Fun on Black Friday!!!

dj said...

Hooray! I'm glad Louise is feeling better!! It sounds like you had a blast shopping!!! You guys are crazy!!! LMAO!!

I like your food. :)

Blaznfire911 said...

We had a great time shopping...despite the crowds. It was so fun to just be out there, and experience it. It was CHAOTIC!!!! That's even an understatment!! It was just nuts!

Thanks for all you kind words about Louise. She's rippin gup my carpet as we speak....good times LOL

Suz said...

Whew! Now, that's the news I was holding my breath to hear about the kitteh!! :)

YAYYYY!!! I hope her improvements continue...still thinking about you, praying and hoping.

Did you see the greeter guy in the food court when you were there at 3am????


lawgirl said...

Vicky-It's great to hear that Louise is feeling better. I'm so happy for you.

The shopping sounds nutty. I love going to the outlet mall in Kenosha, and almost went today, too. But I decided against it. It's definitely an experience going that early. You must have been frozen!

Blaznfire911 said...

Aww thanks you guys!

LOL Suz...No I didn't see him ;)

Tiff - I was totally frozen!

-Sir Jack said...

Good to hear that Louise is doing better! Tell Uncle Phil..."Welcome to America!" for me!!

You're hitting on male greeters at the mall? TFF!! Glad you got home in one piece! Now, get some sleep!

Osh said...

glad Louise is better!!!!!!!!!