Sunday, November 9, 2008

A day with my mum!

Today was the annual Brookfield East Friends of the Fine Arts Holiday Craft Fair! (Whew...what a mouth full!) HOME OF THE SPARTANS!

It is held every year at my old highschool! My mum and I NEVER miss it. This year ...however....we almost did. Needless to say, some quick thinking on my part, got us there almost right on time.
We were a little sad to see lots of empty spaces this year. It is usually full of vendors, and lots of holiday shoppers. This year it seemed pretty barren. I guess the recent economy has impacted a lot of people.

We started out by eating a well deserved lunch in my highschool cafeteria! I mean....who doesn't love highschool food? Come on now....admit it! I was so looking forward to a Chicken patty with some chocolate milk. (Not nessecarily in that order). Well, I was let down once again. No chicken patties!!! *Sigh* Instead, I helped myself to a yummy sloppy joe! (With two...count em...TWO...cartons of chocolate milk!)

After we both felt bloated enough to leave the cafeteria.... we headed off into the craft fair. I found lots of little knick knacks for friends, and my mum did quite a bit of Christmas shopping. I ended up having to carry some of her bags, yet again.

I couldn't resist trying to "peek" into the forbidden Teacher's Lounge!! I quick snapped a shot as I walked past. I wasn't as eager to take a picture of the bathroom though. Ewww! I had forgotten how gross highschool bathrooms could be!

We saw some familiar faces, and a few new ones. It is always fun for me to go back to school each year. I get to look at all the improvements that they have made, and I always stop at my locker. It's like a trip down memory lane. (Not all good memories, but memories none the less)

The one thing that always gets to me, is the PA system. It seems that there is always a Packer game going on during the craft fair, and the kids in the office have a good time blarring out the news across the loud speakers! It always makes me giggle when they do funny parodies on familiar Christmas songs. This year they sang about the food in the cafeteria to the tune of Jingle Bells. Had me in stitches!!!! Thank goodness that I was not the person who needed a doctor. We all felt horrible when they announced that a Doctor or nurse was needed near the south entrance, and if any of the patrons could help to please report there right away. I heard people saying... "Well I could help them if it was a tooth problem!" LOL

So of course I say... "Well if their dog needs something....I could help with that!"

Everyone starts laughing, and then this lady says that perhaps I should go down there for real because animal medicine is a lot like human medicine. I chuckled, and walked away. I am in no way a human medical person. YIKES!
After a long day of shopping, we slip back into the cafeteria once more. I had ANOTHER chocolate milk, and a coffee! My mum just opted for the coffee. Then we were off. Me... wearing short sleeve......without a coat....and carrying my mum's items....scurrying across the grounds.....hoping to spot the know....good old Holiday fun!

Finally we reach the car, and scoot on over to Penzey's spices! It's a great store. My mum and I love it! So there I am.....still without a coat....still in short sleeves....hurrying across a parking the snow falls...
My mum is no where to be found. She's already barracaded herself inside the shelter of Penzey's store! Thanks mum!

So we shop some more. Grab a few spices, and magazines. As we are about to leave the mum is looking at a few cookie recipes, and says "Oh. This sounds good! Date Nut Cookies!"

Ha! Well I heard " Oh! This sounds good! Dead butt puppies!" (OMG)
What can I say? I'm apparently going insane.


-Sir Jack said...

Can I have some "Dead Butt Puppies" and milk pleeeese?? LMAO!!!

I think your ears were frozen when you heard your mum say that!!

Nice blog, Vix! Thanks!!
*and then what you hear me say...*
Night fop, flicks! Tanks!!

Movie Star Wife said...

Vicky, you are soooooo cute with your chocolate milk.

Osh said...

lol, like roast beef and peas!

dj said...

I love chocolate milk. That's nice that you visit your old school.

I hated high school...I was very familiar with one particular 3rd floor had a nice window that would open--and was a great place to hang out, skip class and smoke!

shakenbsis said...

ssounds like a nice day with your mum Doc! I'm a choc milk fan too!

(now your hearing is going as well, sheesh!)