Saturday, November 15, 2008

Lolita wins the costume contest!

A few weeks ago, around Halloween, the local doggy day care held a costume contest for the pups! Thanks for all your kind comments when I was having troubles deciding on what to dress her up as! There were so many cool doggy costumes, and they all looked so wonderful! There was a cheerleader, pirate, mullet dog, Elvis, Yoda, hippie, elephants, bees, cowboy, and tons of other costumes. It was really very cute and funny!

I was having trouble getting Lolita's AWESOME Chewbacca costume to fit, so I opted to make one from my old human costumes. She ended up going as a mascquerade lady! Then all the clients got to vote on their favorite costumes in five categories. Scariest, most original, best, and funniest. (Or something to that extent)

Yesterday, when I dropped her off, they told me she had won the "Most Original Costume" portion of the constest!! Well I was thrilled, and so was Lolita. It is funny how dogs can get excited when you're excited! It was as if she knew she had won! She was even more pleased when she saw the cool doggy bowl basket that she would get to enjoy once we were at home. It was filled with dog treats, and a stuffed doggy witch!

When we got home, she dove right in. Polished off all the treats (which I am sure I will pay for at a later date), and snuggled with her new toy! Sadly, that toy has now been put away due to the fact that Captain Spike has taken...shall we say.....a "special" interest in that specific toy. (Do I really need to say more than that?)

After quite a long play with just her mum, and her new toy, she was tuckered out for the night! Since I don't have any kids at the moment...this was simply a "proud mom" day!! Way to go my little girl!


Sweetlilsparrow said...

Sorry I have been AWOl vix! I have been reading, but I rarely post.

That was too funny about Lolita! you sounded so excited when I called you yesterday! YAY for Lolita!!!! (aka Miss trouble making pants!!)...I still remember what she did to my pants!

Sorry you have been feeling so sick latley. Hopefully things will get better for you! Also sorry that you couldn't make it out the other day. It's ok. I understand. Just hope that you get well soon!

Have fun this weekend, and get your halloween decorations down for goodness sake!!!! I drove past your house today....goodness gracious girl! It's almost Thanksgiving!!!

Blaznfire911 said...

Hey I just put this up! LMAO! I'm feeling much better, but a tree just fell on my car!!!!!

Sean's gonna be pissed!! And was the mini! OMG!

Gotta go asses the damage!!!

Thanks for stopping by the blog...FINALLY!!!! LOL

You've been a silent stalker!

See you next week hun!

Judge said...

This is so cute! I'm glad your doggie got a little prize for her great costume. Love it!

Can't wait to hang next week!!

Blaznfire911 said...

YAY! I am looking forward to it as well Judge!

Robbi said...

Congratulation's!! Lolita!!!!

Love your prize you got!!
Hope you did not get too sick from eating all your treats!

Mum is so proud!!

Your Deco's are still up?

Get with the program girl!!!LOL!!!!

Talk to you later.

-Sir Jack said...

Way to go Lady Lolita and Vix!!!
Nice costume...tres chic!!! *woof*

Hope your Mini looks a little better today?? What freaky accident!!

Osh said...


Blaznfire911 said...

Thanks guys! That toy has been totally destroyed now LOL!

Mini is ok. Can't drive it for 2 weeks though :(

dj said...

Hooray for Lolita! She is so beautiful and has so very soft eyes!! She looks like a sweet girl. :)

shakenbsis said...

YAYYYYY Lolita!!!
What an awesome costume! She's really a dolly love!!!

Blaznfire911 said...

She's my favorite...but SHUSH!!!! Don't tell the rest of them!! LOL