Tuesday, November 4, 2008

My crazy eyes!

A few days ago I received an email from a friend of mine. It was a challenge to let people know 5 funny quirks about myself. After talking to a few fellow bloggers about my "crazy eyes".....I thought I would share one of those with you. (cause I KNOW you wanna know)

I have wierd eyes. One is brown, one is green. They change color from time to time depending on my mood. (I know...it's strange) They go bright green when I am sad, and sometimes even gray. It's something that I have had since I was little, and believe it or not...I used to get teased because of it. Now I think they are cool! Lots of people don't even see it anymore. But I bet next time I am out with one of you guys....you'll look! LMAO!

Here's a picture...best I could get.


Whosit5Casie said...

my friend katie beth has green eyes, but one of them has a brown freckle on it. i love it when people have crazy (i like to say cool) eyes. interesting....lol

Osh said...

my mom and Evan's eyes change colors too!

Blaznfire911 said...

Phew! Glad I am not alone lol!


Movie Star Wife said...

My Movie Star has eyes that change. It's kinda cool.

My brother had an extra black spot on his eye. It was much smaller than his pupil. He lost his vision in that eye when a belt from a snowmobile broke. Now that is weird!

Jenny said...

That us so awesome!!!!!!!

-Sir Jack said...

Cool! Kaleidoscope eyes!!

shakenbsis said...

You have beautiful eyes Doc!

I have another friend with one blue/one brown. Hers freak me out!

Mine change color too, but not according to mood only according to what I wear!