Saturday, November 1, 2008

It's Trick or Treat Time!!!

If you didn't get to see yesterday's AMAZING (lol) videos...scroll down to next post :)

Last night we had trick or treat in my town. (On Halloween AT NIGHT like it should be!) We had over 300 kids in 2 1/2 hours! I ran out of candy about 6:30pm and my mum had to rush out for more! She got back just in the knick of time! There was a hay wagon going around the town with a bunch of kids on it! What cool costumes everyone had! We had pirates, Buzz Lightyear's, Elmo, Dumbo, princess, Robin Hood, Indiana Jones, Mummy's, Robot's, Hannah Montana, Ninja's, Scary Dudes, and even a kid completley covered in leaves!

I carved my pumpkins earlier in the day, and although I wanted to do a Jack Sparrow Pirate Pumpkin like last year...I opted to do a Puking Pumpkin instead! It was easier lol!

I just couldn't decide on what to be for the trick or treater's. I tried on every outfit I had. I narrowed it down to two costumes. This one...

And I eventually settled on this one....

(YES! I am a Beautiful Ballerina!)
So this costume got ALOT of laughs...and for obvious reasons! Now please keep in mind it is not an easy costume to wear LOL!! (Why do I always pick difficult costumes?) There are certain....shall we say...."atributes" on this costume that never seemed to "perk out" enough....if you get my drift. My neighbors were constantly giggling ....watching me tug on the suit!
All the kids would run up to the house screaming "Look at that lady!!!" LMAO!!!
I got alot of comments from parents as favorites were:
"Hey...maybe you should pass the chocolate out instead of eating it!!"
( I replied: I have to keep up my strength!)
"Aren't you cold...I mean your only wearing a leotard!"
(I replied: It's okay. I have a lot of extra padding!)
It was all in jest, and I am glad that everyone liked the costume!

My firend Donna brought her son Colton to help me pass out candy. Well after about an hour, they decided to do some trick or treating of their own! he was having so much fun! My mum also came and helped out. She had a blast! brought back a lot of memories for her!

Colton the Monkey!

He checks out the deco!

Time to go on his very 1st Trick or treat!

1st house....


Then off to the neighbors!

AHHH! A scary guy!!!! He did ok. Couldn't take his eyes off that mask!

We tried to pose for some pics before night set in! I even gave the camera a " little lovin' "

The kids started coming none stop for close to 3 hours. Well past the time alloted for trick or treat! That was ok. It's Halloween! Enjoy some pics!!!!

Half through the night DISASTER struck!!!! Donna looks over at me, and says "Did you get liposuction or something?"
I looked down, and I had deflated!!!! DISASTER! So off the costume came! And posed for some non-costume pics!
My Mum and I...


shakenbsis said...

OMG Doc, what a great costume!!! Sooo glad you had a ton of kids come by. Looks like a lot of fun, love!

You didn't sing by any chance did you?????

Robbi said...

OMG!!! That TuTu and You?
What a great Costume...
Love the comments you got..
I would have peed myself with laughter if I heard them...LOL!

Look's like you had a great time with all your Trick or Treaters!!
and some of those costumes the kids wore were awesome..

Thank's for sharing.

Blaznfire911 said...

LOL I had to put my "brave face" on to load those pics in here!

Glad you guys liked them!

Osh said...

I love this post so much!

dj said...

I love your ballerina costume! LOL

Wow it sure looks like you had a lot of kids!!! BTW Colton is precious... :)

Anonymous said...

Cool photos! I really like the little pirate kid, and your funny Ballerina outfit!

Nice to see you the other day! Glad you are doing ok and all.

See you next week!


Anonymous said...

Oh and I forgot to sat that Colton was pretty cute! Now I can put a face with the name!

See ya!


-Sir Jack said...

Wow! You had the kids streaming down your sidewalk!! Your costume was great...I haven't seen that one!!

Great pix, love!!

Blaznfire911 said...

Thanks guys! Was a great time!!!

rose said...

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reading. Nice blog. I will keep visiting this blog very often.